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2014 RRD TwinTip 90/101 LTD V3
There are only two programs in our windsurfing boards collections that get updated every year: the X-Fires for slalom, and the TwinTips for Freestyle. The reason in so doing is quite simple: every year we search new possibilities of increasing the performance level of the equipment so that our racing team gets the very best possible new details of shape, technology of construction and accessories package, so that they can have and edge on their opponents.This is where the RRD R&D custom factory can make a difference. Quick reaction timing on making new innovative designs and provide the very latest shapes to our teamriders around the world with production moulded boards.

PROGRAM: Freestyle Pro

Features: The new TwinTips are a pure result of the last 6 month of non-stop, blood, sweat and tears testing and modifying every possible detail on the boards. We have firstly analized the new manoeuvres that our team riders wanted to perform during competitions that we can summarize into 2 categories:

– Perform all the moves/tricks with more height
– Top scoring manoeuvres are now combinations of multiple manoeuvres
In order to achieve this result the riders need:
– Faster top end board speed
- More Pop, or capacity to get lifted out of the water
- Our design interpretation of these parameters has been: 2 cm shorter boards in order to achieve more POP, 1 cm narrower maximum outline width to achieve higher top end speed, 6 mm thicker volume profile of the board to allow easier landing in extreme, last second ”recovery”, and a super sharp tail edge to keep a super quick planing potential. We know that our design mix sounds like and impossible recipe, but looking at Jacopo Testa sailing, we are now sure that we have made it all possible!

(Pics Dave White.)

91 Lts • 229×59 • Fin: MFC PRO FLEX FREESTYLE PRO 20
101 Lts • 228×63 • Fin: MFC PRO FLEX FREESTYLE PRO 22

RRD Twintip LTD V3 from RRD International on Vimeo.