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Phil Horrocks kicked started his tour with a good win on his home turf of Rhosneigr back in May. Adam Lewis bagged a second whilst Phil’s nemesis, Ben Proffitt, collected a third. The event then moved to Brandon Bay, Ireland where Proffitt quickly regained ground with a win against Horrocks and Lewis taking third. By this point the leader table was close and with a long summer ahead the competitors waited patiently for the Tiree and Cornwall Wave Classics.

As it turned out the pros were unable to complete a round in Tiree although Phil did go on to win the first ever ‘Quickening’ contest. Whilst this was a ferocious knockout-based battle for Tiree Wave Classic sword, the points would not factor in the Championship. There was now only 1 point between Proffitt and Horrocks with Lewis trailing 1.3 points behind that.

By late November the battle lines were drawn and with a great forecast in Cornwall the title was within easy reach of any of the three. However, the forecast tightened to allow only one day of quality competition and it was to come right down to the wire in a final that featured Phil and Dave Horrocks, Proffitt and Lewis. In the end it was solid waveriding from Phil that was to reward him with a very well-deserved win. Proffitt and Lewis came a close second and third respectively with Dave Horrocks taking a very impressive fourth, not too shabby for a ‘part-time’ pro.

For the first time ever the final result in Cornwall mirrored the final result for the tour. Phil picked up the Championship trophy for the second year on the run. His only disappointment being that he had already driven the 10 kilo trophy once down the M6 and was in for further mileage costs in driving it back home!

Pro Fleet

Champion                           Phil Horrocks (Gaastra, Tabou)

Vice Champion                  Ben Proffitt (Simmer, Simmer, Funsport)

3rd                                           Adam Lewis (North, Fanatic,ION)

4th                                           Dave Horrocks (Gaastra, Tabou)


Champion                           Justyna Sniady (Simmer,Simmer)

Vice Champion                  Sara Kellett

3rd                                           Ping Ling

4th                                           Megan Gayda

In the women’s fleet, hot favourite Justyna Sniady in the first event of the year fell to third with Sara Kellett in second and Amanda Beenan in first. But this wobble was soon remedied as Justyna then went on to take three solid wins in Ireland, Scotland and England. This was an impressive performance considering it was not long ago that Justyna was told by doctors that she would never windsurf again following her 2012 injury.

Kellett also looked impressive with three second places and one third to ensure her title of Vice Champ. Ping Ling was delighted to take her first third overall and a special commendation must go to Megan Gayda who came a half point behind Ping. Megan will surely be one to watch for the future.



Champion                           Mike Archer

Vice Champion                  Mike Wand-Tetley

3rd                                           Ben Page

4th                                           Will Barrett

Mike Archer scored two firsts in Wales and Scotland ensuring he took the title for Ams Champ but the race remained tight for the year between Mike Wand-Tetley and Ben Page. Wand-Tetley missed the ferry for Tiree and Page was able to take a comfortable second place. But disaster struck Page as he suffered a broken arm leaving the field open for Wand-Tetley to steal the Vice-Champs trophy in Cornwall. Of note, 2013 youth Champ Tris Levie ended his tour with a very credible fifth overall Amateur place, another one to watch for the future. The BWA rules allow the top two Ams to proceed to the pros fleet in 2015 but with only 0.3 points between second and third places this year, the committee are considering extending this to include Ben Page.


Champion                           Jack Petit

Vice Champion                  Finn Mellon

3rd                                           Freddie Ide

4th                                           Dan Slater

Heading to the final event of 2014, Jack Petit, Nial Melon and Freddie Ide were sitting neck and neck in joint first position. Freddie was hot favourite having already destroyed most of the Ams fleet in Tiree. But in Cornwall it was Jack Petit and Fin Mellon who shone head and shoulder above the rest. Fin has trained hard for this title on his home break of Brandon Bay but on the final heat of the day it was Jack Petit who stood out just enough to take the Championship title. The judging team are confident that it won’t be long before the UK has another PWA Champ from this youth stable.


Champion                           Craig Hamilton

Vice Champion                  Kyle McGinn

3rd                                           Geoff Hautman

4th                                           Dave Ewer

The fact that this fleet is for the over 35’s can often leave you with the impression that it is a sedentary affair. Make no mistake, on the water these guys don’t hold back. Kyle McGinn made a big impression in his first BWA tour with a second in Tiree followed by a third in Cornwall. Geoff Hautman scored a first in Ireland only to meet with disaster in Tiree when he disqualified himself for running Anson off a wave. Hautman still racked up enough solid performances take his second third overall. But it was the experienced sailing of Craig Hamilton that was to see the RAF star take the Championship with McGinn only 1.5 points behind to take the Vice trophy.

Report by Nigel Treacy

BWA – Chairman

UKWA – Wave Director

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