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    @Keema Naan

    The locals are friendly but still a bit shy, that said it seems people are calmy arriving here.
    Possibly those like you and I that have ventured here could generate more threads in an attempt
    to get others interested.

    Good to see you here.


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    I am in now hopefully we can generate a bit more chat on here after the demise of Boards


    Keema Naan
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    Like Travis Bickle my daughter will recommence learning to windsurf this weekend and my energetic 8 year old lad will be starting. Hoping it will burn a LOT of surplus energy!


    Travis Bickle
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    KN great to hear that you have time for your kids too – yes it is very tiring – I burn energy and the sun burns me!


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    Hi all.

    Had a bit of an issue logging in as i had an account and the reset emails were going into spam.

    Good to see many have re-surfaced here.

    Couple of noticable big hitters from boards not yet in attendance. Would be good if we can keep a forum going and it’s also good for Windsurf mag as well.


    Travis Bickle
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    BTB great to hear from you ! Yes some of the big posters from Boards are really good value – I miss them already.


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    Had the same problem with password reset going to spam, doh!
    Hopefully this forum will keep going strong, mpora killed boards mag and forum, we hates them hisssss


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    There are positives! No endless threads on foils for example!! ( oops…I may have started one now!!)


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    The foil thread did have 497000 views, so someone was finding it interesting.

    I also had a problem with registering and password because the replies were going to Spam.

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    Good to see you here!!


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    Ah Ha ! Ronnie the “Foil”…good to see you…
    You do realise that 496,999 views of the foiling thread were basher ?!!!


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    I’m one of those who wasn’t particularly interested in the foiling thread. However even though it was’t relevant to me, I still think it was wonderful to have a curated thread on a developing area of windsurfing (nice one Ronnie). If Mbongo have indeed ‘burned the library’ then they richly deserve karmic punishment.


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    One of the complaints regarding the main foil thread was that it was a catchall, and it was difficult to locate a specific interest or classification in it.

    Foiling is developing on several fronts, and maybe some of those will affect how windfoiling develops.
    Maybe there would be an interest in foiling on this Forum but in segregated categories?

    Canard foils? (of which there are no established windfoil canards as yet.
    Foils from other categories that get used as windfoils? SUP foils – for example?
    Power sources? Sails, Kitewings etc?
    Inflatable windfoiling – boards, hybrid hard tails, inflatable sails, inflatable wings?
    Freeride and racing foils/boards/sails.
    Wave foils/boards/sails.
    Freestyle foils/boards/sails.

    Some of those are having a big uptake (eg. freeride and racing), and others may not even exist yet (eg. a well developed canard windfoil).

    What are the opinions?


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    I think that the Foils subject can be devided, yes.
    I started a Windfoiling thread in the Equipment section in this forum.

    It would be useful to be tidy in the thread creation and posting from this early start so:
    A SUPfoil thread can be separately created, so other branches of foiling.

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