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Boards Forum Down, will we live on here?

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    Wanted to test that, it doesn’t work if you use their image button, but if you just use the link and enclose that still seems to do it. So back to that chunky board it’s for a big boy right?


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    Doh you need the close square brackets containing the img (if I do it, it disappears)

    then you enclose a back slash img inside the brackets after the image link

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    There are a few things that could be changed to make using this Forum less of a hassle. The number of problems people find when trying to access or use it may be preventing quite a few people from using it?

    Some things have been improved, but there are several other issues that could maybe be solved?


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    We are working to improve the log in process, so apologies for any hassles guys. If you are having trouble logging-in contact me at dan@windsurf.co.uk and I will generate a new password for your user account. Based on previous targeting we have high level of security on our site. Currently multiple log ins are blocked, after a number of tries we will block the user and IP to fight against bots and other nasties. If the user is valid they can try again after 48hrs. If you do not receive your password check your spam settings and try again, multiple incorrect log ins will lead to an account freeze so if problems persist contact me directly at email address above. Cheers, Dan


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    You’re still retarded, deleting my posts or not.


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    I’d like to say I’ll be using this Forum, but the hassle of obtaining a login, which is limited to single instance, makes that a bit questionable.
    I use an iPhone and ipad, the former to stay in touch and the later to consume content. They synch open websites and share passwords which is superb, but it seems that isn’t supported.
    As for sharing any content, especially pictures which are limited in size to 512kb (I’d forgotten such a measure existed) seems small.

    I guess with the website / magazine app to share broadcast content, and facebook & youtube to share user content, what is the point of this (or indeed any) forum?
    For me the key point is that it is far more open and accessible than Facebook or other social media.
    Great for general chat with a wide circle of people from across the globe and sharing stuff.



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    Just had a quick look to see what was going on with the old Boards site and it appears it has been wiped of all content – forum and magazine content gone.

    You could still use it in some beta mode and access old posts etc so there was maybe a little hope that it would come back but it looks well and truly over now. A great shame so much knowledge and information has been lost.


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    Oh dear does that mean basher has been wiped from existence?

    I think not, try this link it all seems to be there still just no GUI



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    Yeah they’ve messed with something but it’s still there. The archive section is the best place to look if you want to read old stuff.


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    G’Day from WA I haven’t been on the old boards forum for months. Went there the other day and thought I had browser issues. Then found this thread via Google.


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    Good to see you made it this way!


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    Could we perhaps have a [Report this post] button, for when we are beset with spammers, African witchdoctors and the like?

    Or have I missed one somewhere?


    paddy 1ow
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    How come it’s a pain in the a.. for a real person to log in, yet spammer bots find it easy?


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    I thought the same thing.

    Anyway I am now a qualified Doctor.


    Distinctly Average
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    Three months it has taken to reset my password.

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