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Canard foils.

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    This is an experimental thread to see how it works to post photos, videos etc.

    The first video is a review of the original Zeeko Spitfire canard kite foil, because it explained the different characteristics of a canard foil compared to the conventional kite foil design. Zeeko have progressed through developing a larger kite canard foil to a SUP/Surf canard foil. The photo is of the 2018 Zeeko Spitfire SUP canard foil.
    They have tried windsurfing a canard foil, but said that it needs more development to optimise the canard for windfoiling.

    SUP canard hydrofoil

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    Replies: 1175
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    Checking to see if a Vimeo video plays OK.


    Replies: 1175
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    Canard foiling isn’t a big subject as yet – these 3 videos cover a lot of what the extent is so far.

    This is the SUP/Surf canard foil being surf foiled.


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    I think that canard foils may demand from the setup, on a traditional windsurf board, that the mast box be moved considerably forward in the board.
    This will simply depart from the deep tuttle fin box current setup and possibly needing an additional box fitted further forward in the board.
    This may be why not much exploring of this alternative is being paid attention to.


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    I’m hoping Zeeko will have a canard windfoil working this year. We will find out then.


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    Ronnie and others –
    About the old and fabulous “Windsurfing on Hydrofoil” thread on http://forums.boards.co.uk:
    the content is not entirely lost [yet], it’s just the case that the site
    lost CSS formatting. Every page of the forum – from
    are still available and the messages can be read although because of broken formatting it is ugly…
    I’ve saved the whole of 426 pages – just ind case the content vanishes.
    The pages are temporarily here in this zip archive:



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    Very good thank you.
    Can more content be saved and how?


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    Thanks Dmitry – and for your contributions to the thread. I hope your designs are continuing to work well.


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    Thank you Ronnie, for steering and rolling the fabulous “Windsurfing on Hydrofoil” thread !!!
    For finding all interesting windfoiling videos/links and posting there.

    I want to remind that in principle the thread still work, just badly renders due to broken CSS links.
    It can be continued… Even my PM box still works…
    Not sure for how long, though.

    To Navegante,
    Q:”Can more content be saved and how?”?
    A: Saving other threads, any thread, is easy;
    the site https://www.windsurf.co.uk/forums stil work, it is just the formatting that is broken, so
    in case you want to save some other thread, here is what to do:
    1. determine the thread page1 url and how many pages you want to save. Supposed the 1st URL is xyz/page1 and the last page url is xyz/page99.
    2. find a linux box with internet and type

    for i in $(seq 1 99); do echo “\n–$1–\n”; wget xyz/page$1; done

    all the pages will be saved into your current folder. That easy.

    Example for “Windsurfing on Hydrofoil”:

    for i in $(seq 1 426 ); do echo “\n–$1–\n”; wget http://forums.boards.co.uk/showthread.php/74801-Windsurfing-on-a-hydrofoil/page$i.html ; done

    I added .html as suffix but it works anyway with or without.



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    dmitrynizh Thank you!


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    If you’re not fussed about embedded images, it’s a lot easier to grab stuff from the archive site http://forums.boards.co.uk/archive/index.php

    Httrack makes it dead easy to download a copy, just tell it to start at the URL forums.boards.co.uk/archive/index.php and include all folders containing ‘archive’. It works on Windows or Linux. You can install wget on Windows too, & I did use that before to get a full copy of the forum when it was still healthy, but I find httrack a lot easier to use.


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    I found that “Windsurfing on Hydrofoil” text-version archive is under General Discussion, page 20.
    I do not happen to have HTTrack installed at the moment, but continuing using wget
    one can get the text archive with

    wget http://forums.boards.co.uk//archive/index.php?t-74801.html -O page1.html
    for i in $(seq 2 12 ); do wget http://forums.boards.co.uk//archive/index.php?t-74801-p-$i.html -O page$i.html; done

    This worked on my Windows Gow/bin/wget.exe too…
    To fix-up the page navigation links and to convert textual URLs to links, I ran

    for f in page*.html; do sed ‘s http://forums.boards.co.uk//archive/index.php?t-74801-p- page g;s/&s=[a-z0-9]*//g’ $f > t; mv t $f; done

    for f in page*.html; do sed ‘s/\(http*[^ <]*\)/\1<\/a>/g’ $f > t; mv t $f; done


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    Ronnie, I briefly looked at video 1. I did not see a windsurfer on a foil. Video 3 face shows a surfer.

    My thoughts are you feel these will transition to actual windsurfing.
    Some of the design probably will, will it be common or effective to the way SOME of us view windsurfing with fins and board in the water, will leave the future to decide.

    I like to see innovations,so thanks.

    Dmitrynizh, the boards forum retrieval deserves a separate thread.

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    Hi TOTD,

    I did start this thread early on, to try things out. After advice from other posters, it seems that 2 threads in the Equipment section and one thread in the Non-Windsurfing section can be used to gather all the foil related info.

    My plan is to let this thread sink out of sight and to include canard foiling in the non-windsurfing foil thread from now on until Zeeko (or someone else) produces a canard windfoil that works well.

    My guess is that eventually, the canard foil will have advantages for windfoiling freestyle and maybe also winfoiling waves. It may even be that the canard could become the better beginner’s foil. The conventional foil seems hard to beat for freeride and racing, and the wave foil is also going to be difficult to improve on.
    Those are all guesses at this point, but I’m hoping a good canard windfoil will appear sometime this year.


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    There is actually a company developing a SUP downwind Canard foil. They are called Onofoil, website Onofoil.com. They have a foil you can surf/ SUP/ downwind and another for kiting. The SUP one isn’t out yet, but they say it is happening very soon. I can’t wait. I’ve attached a picture of the kitefoil, but the Surf/ SUP one looks much different. They have a very active Instagram account.

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