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Defi Wind

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    Hi All,

    So, I live just outside Gruissan and have been thinking about taking part in the Defi Wind for a couple of years now but i am not sure if i (or my kit) is up to it.

    i started windsurfing a little over 30 years ago, there was a little break of about 6 years when the children cam along, but since moving from the UK I really got back into it and made the most of the conditions we have down here.

    The issues that i am concerned about (and would like some advice on) are firstly my kit. now that i am on a greatly reduced “southern European salary” i cant justify spending vast amounts of cash on the latest kit. currently i have a Starboard Fish 90 and an F2 Ride 279 which i use most of the time. my sails are all Tushingham, so basically my kit is getting on a bit, that being said i am not noticeably slower than most of the people out on the water.

    The second issue is fitness and training for an event like this. I have no problem blasting for 5 or 6KM then turning around and blasting back again, but two 40km races each day is a different proposition…….

    Any advice, suggestions, tips or comments would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks for your help!

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