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FRPGear hydrofoil fin

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    FRPGear hydrofoil fins are making big waves here in the US. It seems to be a new big thing in windsurfing, probably compatible magnitude with the invention of the currently common hydrofoils. I have personalty watched it in action. It is very impressive particularly at lighter wind and on shallow water. It looks like there is a power propulsion unit hidden under the board because of the performance difference compare to other sailors. Perhaps, it may be interesting to discuss the hydrodynamics and get some inputs from the users. The technology is in its beginning stage and it will probably advance to higher performance in windsurfing and it will probably transition on other surfboards. I personally appreciate this invention because it is bringing the traditional windsurfing back into business. Traditional windsurfing looked like it was going to die because of kite boarding and foiling. New business initiatives with super light wind boards did not save windsurfing from decline. Windsurfing was inevitably loosing its positions to kites and foils. GRPGear invention of the mini foil seems to be a life saver for the sport of windsurfing. Mini foil is compact, low cost and surprisingly effective. It delivers speed and sensation like a hydrofoil with well missed pleasure to be on water. It can be used on existing boards without modification of the fin boxs. It makes a 60 liter board to float like a 160L making it so easy to travel with smaller boards, and just take a few different foils for different wind conditions. Mini foil fin delivers a new discovery of ground effect that was unknown before in windsurfing. Now you can keep going on shallow water and even on wet sand without getting stuck. Shallow water makes you go much faster due to the ground effect increase of efficiency. Fin foil is better upwind. It is softer on waves. You looks more speedy because the board remains more horizontal. It gives huge advantage for heavy sailors so they can now use smaller boards with larger fin foils and larger sails. And, fin-foil actually looks cool while the traditional fin looks too traditional and “alt modish”. In Laguna Beach, CA, USA many surfers come for just walking on the beach with short boards and never go surfing. They bring short boards just for look and social communications. Having a fin foil on a short board will definitely turn more heads in Laguna Beach.frpgear minifoil drama in the USA

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