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    Dear all,

    I’m doing my A Level Design Engineering at the moment, and am very keen to solve a problem related to windsurfing. The issue that I think might be best is related to trips/journeying with a windsurf. Like dinghies or SUPs can be used for a day trip to a neighbouring bay for example, I thought I could make something that would allow windsurfers to store their kit/lunch/etc. Before I start out I want to gauge how often/far people journey with windsurf at the moment. This can be anywhere in the world (e.g. I’ve heard noises about people sailing ~12 miles from Kos to Turkey) – if you know people who do trips with their windsurf too, even if you don’t yourself just let me know in the replies section – all data is extremely helpful for me!

    Thanks so much


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    You maybe need distinguish between short boarding & long boarding. Pretty much if it’s bigger with a centre (often retractable) fin then it’s a longboard.
    Long boarding is generally lighter winds and some will do trips as you mention, but even then I would say most often relatively short trips and back to where they launched.
    But the majority of windsurfers do short boarding (stronger winds) and such kit isn’t really suitable for navigation unless you can be sure of the conditions… which is rarely the case in the UK. You go out, play about until you’ve had enough, then go back to where you launched. If you do pause for a rest you do it at your start beach, then if conditions do change you don’t worry if it’s still OK to get home.
    For me my (short board) windsurfer is a toy. I wouldn’t trust it or my skills for journeying.
    “(e.g. I’ve heard noises about people sailing ~12 miles from Kos to Turkey)” I guess such a distance would need be a faster short board in stronger wind so maybe they have predictable winds there, and I bet they were sure to be heading back before conditions changed or they had a plan B (cover boat).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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