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Thursday 9th August

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    Lanzarote and had a late session yesterday on the skate 100 and 5.3 for a couple of hours, which was great fun, but forecast was for stronger winds and bigger waves today.

    A morning with the family doing touristy stuff and I was on the water for 2 on Fanatic triwave 95, But with a 5.7 as wind looked iffy.
    Was quite underpowered so struggled to get into good position on the reef, so took a rest and headed back out at 4.
    The wind and waves had picked up so had a lot more fun, getting into good upwind position to pick off some sets and enjoyed several big rolling logo high waves. The triwave really came into its own, feeing fast but secure on the big drops into bowls and responsive on the waves.

    Great fun, but I confess my mojo still wasn’t 100% and was sailing quite conservatively.
    Hey ho. Good forecast for next few days!
    Off to find a vat of paella and get that mojo back.


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    The Bristol channel wind did it’s thing again this afternoon. Like ground hog day. In a good way. More wind. Waist to chest high waves. Perfect looping conditions. You could get a forward every run out.

    Good times. (5.8 & 103 super mini. Small people on 5.3 and small wave boards).

    Despite the 13 knot windguru forecast flatholm island in the mid Bristol channel logged 30 mph gusts this afternoon.


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    Tiree. The early morning wind was forecast to drop by midday so I got to Crossapol early.

    Chose to launch from the far west end as it was nicely cross shore. Rigged 4.5 & Moo 66L. Went out and caught one perfect wave with about 4 or 5 turns whereupon a squall came through and killed the wind!

    After a while the wind recovered a bit but left me a bit under powered. By this time some people had arrived down the far end so I decided to just keep riding down wind and cadge a lift back to my car later. The wind was a bit up and down but enough to be enjoyable most of the time.

    The wind stayed up most of the afternoon despite the forecast. No wind tomorrow, more kayak ferrying for me I suspect.


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    Today was forecast to be the windiest of my holiday in Viana do castelo and so it proved. Fully lit on 4.2m and wave slate 87. Waves can be hard to find at high tide but on advice from the rental centre I headed downwind where more swell gets in and the waves shape up closer to high tide – it was good advice and I had a cracking 3 hours of wavesailing. Even though it was 4.2m weather jumps were hard to come by as the waves break quite close in and the side-shore angle doesn’t give you much time to find a ramp, but the riding was brilliant with the waveslate in its element. My best day in a very long time…


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    Sounds like Viana is worth a visit! How consistent are the wind and waves?


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    Not sure Rod. The guys at the rental centre suggested that its not been a great season – I guess we have all been getting weird weather! Essentially the wind is a thermally accelerated N’ly, so you need sunshine and a gradient wind with some N in it. It fills in around midday leaving mornings with light offshores for surfing… It doesn’t work so well when its hot (we had 4 days in mid thirties where it was only about 10-15knots), so temps in low to mid ’20s (which I think is normal there most of the summer). Basically, if the azores high is in its normal summer slot it works!

    Waves in summer are probably harder to find. You really need 1m+ with a decent period. The north end of the beach only breaks low-mid tide but conditions can be great – think *board tack side-offshore gwithian (but with a softer wave). At higher tides or on flat days its still fun for freeride/freestyle as water is very smooth and flat close in.

    Downwind a few hundred metres the beach curves round so its side to side-on – more swell gets in here and it breaks closer to high tide so you can get some small waves even when the launch area is flat.

    Also worth noting that if its windy the water will be COLD. I used a 4/3mm suit, and needed it!

    Its definitely worth a visit – windsurfing aside, viana is a pretty town with lots going on (don’t let the industrial backdrop you first see put you off!) and Porto is one of my favourite cities. Also, its easily doable on a forecast…


    Based on the forecast I suspect it will howl this afternoon (1.5 to 2x windguru), with some small waves downwind…


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    Oh and, at least at this time of year, its very crowded! Lots of kites, but didn’t find them too much of a problem. Generally it was the other windsurfers snagging all the good waves!

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