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Windsurf Around Europe – Jono Dunnet

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    Indeed. It looks like there are strong offshore winds blowing there, so let’s hope he’s just waiting for the right conditions whilst enjoying some Turkish hospitality.


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    He is at a tricky spot now, there are crazy currents that part of the bosphorus, hope he got some advice from locals. It will be good timing for the cold weather if he keeps this pace, have some timeout in İstanbul.


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    Mr Dunnet was Doing 11 knots of Turkey today, making good mileage off land. That sail he can tune it to most things plus it covers the king size kip. A chimney up the luff tube in honour of Rexi. Good winds.


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    35knots on a 9.2 directly downwind anyone? Don’t worry Mr Dunett has it covered. Great write up today, hospitality after the perils of the sea in Turkey. That split fin would have taking some sanding to bring round. Appreciated the white Chistmas shot when Jono took it up the mountain in dry suit an that familiar hat.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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