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Windsurfing on a Hydrofoil

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    So, here we are,

    What are you riding and why?
    Does it work for you?

    I got a Horue Tiny 110 with a Vini Foil, LW and XLW wings.
    Being as it was still almost two years ago that there weren’t many foils to choose from I decided to go for a dedicated board and foil assembly designed to work together and be well balanced to do so.
    I does, the thing just works, that said, I had a fairly windy year+ where my focus has not been just in foiling but in windsurfing from fast slalom/freerace to wave boards and some vintage sailing too. So more dadication to Foiling is needed now that summer in the Med is on us and light foiling days are predominant.


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    This is what I was using today (with a single R7 fin behind the foil). My second sail with the foil on it ( The previous was in 7 to 10 mph wind with a 5.4m). With the tide coming in, I couldn’t stay upwind and couldn’t get enough speed to generate noticeable lift.
    It’s a strapless 103 litre 7′ 2″ by 28″ JP Surf Slate and an IWA Gofoil. I’m using a 10mm wedge to align it.

    Today, I was using a 6.3m Severne S1. Wind was too light to waterstart, but in a rare gust, I could beachstart from just over the depth needed for the foil. The board is quite draggy, because of the rocker. It feels more balanced to sail with the foil than without it. I was trying to get it skimming over the water, but it was more going very light and slapping over the surface at times. Often not enough wind to get it lifting while staying upwind, but I was able to stay upwind enough.
    It did lift off a couple of times at quite a slow speed and it was nice to have enough time to think about reacting. I’m erring on the side of falling upwind and avoiding the tilt to leeward.

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    Im on a NP alu foil attached to a c.2000 era Starboard Formula 155, which is 85cms wide and has a range of footstrap options. Reason I chose these – I already had the old board, and the NP alu was the only thing in stock last summer (having been let down by Horues production problems (as Nave warned me to expect…). I have used it with a 5.7 Blade, 6.5 Gator and 7.5 Gator. I have only used it 5 times so far, but the 4th session (at Queen Mary) was just awesome – probably had 10 x more flight time than all the other sessions put together. My 5th session was in very light wind 9 knot average, gusting to 12 at peak. I only got it going once, using the 7.5 – Im still struggling with the coordination on the pumping technique required to get 90 kgs of me to take off in the really light stuff.


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    I have been foiling for a year and started out on the Pryde Alu foil on a 10 year old Carbon Art 80cm wide 120L slalom board. The Pryde foil needs breeze to get going as the G10 wings are quite small. It does go well in high winds.

    Recently got the Starboard GT wit the alu mast and carbon wings as wanted a bigger wing set up to get flying earlier. Only been out once on it and it feels more stable and I did best max speed of 25 knots on it in moderate breeze. I will report back when I have had more time on it.

    Also just got a 10 year old F2 Formula board as a light wind option and back up if I destroy a fin box on the Carbon Art.

    Photo shows the Pryde wings on the Starboard GT which are bigger.

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    Think I might have some good news on foil pricing, I’m in the process of tying up a deal with a Canadian company that build kite, wake, sup and surf foils that retail starting at £399 raising to £599, have talked to them re Windsurfing and they are in process of building Tuttle and powerboat capable units, so as and when I’ll report back.

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