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Phil Horrocks posted a clip from fun sessions in Chile around Matanzas. ‘A short movie from my windsurfing trip to Matanzas, Chile, during Nov/Dec 2012. It’s pretty much a 24-hr no-frill’s edit, just plenty of windsurfing and some SUPing thrown in from the windless days. Super cool place….just loads of fun in the water everyday! This is my second visit to the region and there’s a reason I felt drawn back to check it was all still there – the waves – pure and simple. Yes it’s windy, not as often as places like South Africa, but, when you get good days, they are really good! Totally uncrowded, long left-handers, what more do you need? The region itself is pretty unspoilt, the scenery is stunning and everyone’s really friendly. One of the best places you can go to get your stoke!”

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