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Young gun Pablo Ramírez (Pablito) is a Pozo local and loaded with talent, he joins us this month to break down the stock move of any Gran Canaria hot shot – the stalled forward. Take it up, up and away Pablo !

Words Pablo Ramírez // Photos Antonio HS

(This feature originally appeared in the June 2015 issue of Windsurf Magazine. To read more features like this first, Print and Digital subscriptions are available. Prices include delivery globally for 10 x issues a year!)

The stalled forward is a move I always dreamed of when I was growing up, inspired by pros like Jonas Ceballos or Víctor Fernández going huge in Pozo! It’s a move that can give you a lot of height and a completely different view of your flight, compared to the upside down view of backward rotations. I learnt the hard way by trial and error method but here are my top tips for a safer learning curve !

REQUIRED: You will need to have your normal, lower forward loops consistently down with a controlled, horizontal rotation and perfectly landed. If you have this clear in your mind then you will only need a few more cajones to take your forwards to the next level of higher stalled ones!

PIC 1 TO 5: Find a good steep and vertical ramp, and go for it full speed with good power in the sail, hitting the wave upwind, almost like a backloop, projecting the board up and forward and staying as close as possible to the rig, this is the way to climb up to the highest point of the jump correctly.





DO´S Keep your arms exactly where they would be on a normal jump, if you put your hand back too early you will get too much power and lose control of your sail. Another key point is to stay as close to the gear as possible, with the back leg completely tucked up and pushing the front leg forward.
DON´TS Do not jump downwind, it is a very dangerous mistake as the power going downwind is so hard to control that the landing will get really violent. Try always to jump upwind. If you feel your jump didn´t go as you expected it is better to abort the rotation at this point.

PIC 6 TO 9: Once you feel that the lift is coming to its peak, you should try to bear the board off the wind, shifting your body-weight and positioning your back hand as far back as you can on the boom, pushing the mast forward while opening the sail to unload it, all in one movement. This is the trickiest part of the move, so keep trying and analyse your mistakes!




DO´S The more forward you pull the sail, the better the rotation and control you will get later, so don´t be afraid to angle the sail horizontally. It is very important to unload the sail at this point to be able to get the “stalled position”, so open the sail and throw the board down.
DON´TS Do not extend your legs at this point, it’s a common mistake, but it is dangerous, as you will probably enter an uncontrolled vertical rotation… So remember always stay tucked up and close to your rig throughout.

PICS 10 TO 11: Now your forward practice comes into play… It is time to close the sail in and look back as hard as you can, always staying close to the rig. The pull must be done to the side to get a clean, controlled and horizontal rotation avoiding that dangerous vertical one.


DO´S Keep your body close to your rig! I keep saying this as it is for sure the number one tip! Look back with your head and hold the boom as far back as possible to help you rotate correctly.
DON´TS Do not pull back vertically, if you go for a vertical rotation the landing will be so hard that you could break your board or worse, your body!

PICS 12 TO 14: Looking back will help you spot your landing and if you performed a good horizontal rotation, you will feel in control enough to sheet out, stop the rotation and rebalance your body-weight and gear for a smooth and clean landing!



DO´S Re-locate your arms to their normal position, following the natural movement of the rotation.
DON´TS Do not close your eyes! Spot your landing and keep it smooth.

I Hope these few tips will help you! The stalled forward is definitely a scary move, but once you get the technique down you will be able to fly as high as you want and in control, good luck and see you in the air ! Pablo 🙂

”Keep your body close to your rig! I keep saying this as it is for sure the number one tip!”

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