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Tabou 3S 96 2012 action

Tabou 3S 96 Ltd

Stats Volume (L) 96 Weight (Kg) 7.4 Length (cm) 239 Width (cm) 61 Construction Ltd Fin Tabou Freeride 28cm Price £1450


The low-down
The 3S is Tabou’s all-round wave, freeride and freestyle board line. Designed to be fun and easy in all conditions, from small waves to flat water. For 2012 the range has had a few tweaks, it is available in five sizes and two different constructions, Standard or LTD.

At a glance
The 96 is a completely new board for 2012, it has a pointed nose with plenty of volume up front and in the tail it has a subtle winger shape merging into a small swallowtail. The deck is nicely domed and it has cushioned and ramped footpads as well as quality Tabou footstraps, the fin is a 28cm Powerbox Tabou Freeride. We tested the LTD construction, which is one of the lightest and the range has been freshened up with some nice new graphics.

Despite being one of the smaller boards on test, it is still very stable, with plenty of volume around the mast track. It planes early and very easily requiring little effort from the rider. From the straps the ride is very comfortable, the pads fit your feet well with the perfect amount of dome for grip and control. For straight-line blasting, this board is quick feeling lively and playful. Around the corners the narrow swallowtail grips well, so you can confidently power into fast carves in any conditions. It is also a fun jumping board that you will want to launch off anything. It is compact and easy to control in the air and always lands smoothly. For freestyle, it is more than capable when it comes to laying down fast carving moves or sliding through basic aerial tricks.

The verdict
The 3S is a lot of fun to ride in a wide range of conditions. It is a great high wind board that really excels in bump and jump conditions, as well as being highly capable in small waves and a great blaster on flat water too. It really puts the free in freeride! This board will suit riders of all levels who are looking for a board that can come out to play on the windy days, whether it is wavey or flat.


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