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Ion question Victor Fernandez on the whole no zip thing!

ION – Victor Fernandez puts his wetsuit on during the 2015 World Cup at Sylt, but we don´t see any zipper! The Vice – Wave World Champion pulls the head of his ION “ONYX AMP Zipless” wetsuit over his head easily, without any contortions and we see neither back- or front zipper!

Can you describe how to put on this zipless wetsuit?
Victor Fernandez: ”It´s very similar as when you put on the front zip wetsuit, you just have to open the top part a lot so it´s easy to fit your legs first and then do the top.”

How do you rate this Zipless wetsuit?
Victor Fernandez: ”I found it very usefull, easy, no Zips that could break with the time.”

When do you use the Onyx Amp Zipless wetsuit?
Victor Fernandez: ”I use the 4/3 Zipless a few times now at home in Almerimar/Spain in winter when the days are not so cold, when it´s very cold I use the ION “Onyx Select” which is a bit warmer.

What are the advantages of this wetsuit in comparison to normal wetsuits with a front/backzip?
Victor Fernandez: ”If you are using a front zip wetsuit the Zipless wetsuit is easy to put on and I find it very fast to put on and it fits very good. The “Onyx Amp Zipless” is very comfortable and it feels light and strechy.

Have you now changed –in general- to these zipless wetsuits or is it just one wetsuit beside your other ION wetsuits?
Victor Fernandez: ”I used a lot of models from ION, I change wetsuits a lot as I do sometimes three sessions per day so I always have a spare dry wetsuit. I use the “Onyx Select 4/3”, “Onyx Amp Zipless 4/3”, “Onyx Amp 6/5 with hood”( that is for winter). For spring/summer I use in Almerimar& Canaries or Maui the “Onyx Amp 3/2” and the “Onyx 2.5”.”

Do you see this zipless wetsuit for special disciplines (surfing?)?
Victor Fernandez: ”For surfing in Spain now I do use the 4/3 Zipless but if would go to Chile or Cape Town for surfing I would take the “Onyx Select” and the “Onyx Amp 6/5”, the water is much colder over there.”

Do you see a trend to zipless wetsuits?
Victor Fernandez: ”I think there is some potential, there is plenty of time to develop Zipless and so far ION have made a great Zipless wetsuit.”

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