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The new 2022 ION Water Collection has just launched:

ION say:  “The new 2022 ION Water collection launches today. By introducing the Ergo_Concept, we are proud to annouce yet another innovation. Prioritizing the riders‘ health we focus product development towards an ergonomically fitted range. The 3D Fit Technology is the first of many developments within the Ergo_Concept.

The 3D Fit Technology allows every kiter and windsurfer to find their individualized fitted hardshell harness. Pushing product development in all categories, the already warmest wet-suits are now upgraded with unmatched flexibility. These come along with design highlights across many categories, extension of the wingfoiling range and the integration of sustainable Waste2Wear fabrics in even more parts of the range.

We explore, we adventure, we seek thrills, we fail, but then succeed and set out to inspire others. ION represents the versatility of water sports. Gusty winds, gnarly waves, harshest weather – we always have the right equipment for you. No matter where we all share the same passion for stoke! Go ahead and dive right into the news for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Wingfoiling, Surfing, Wakeboarding, and SUP”.


The 2022 ION wetsuit range is characterized by the combination of high-tech materials for ultimate warmth and never experienced stretch. The Select premium line’s Graphene_Plush on the inside is now complemented by the new Max_Flex outer lining. This material is featured across all arm and shoulder areas of the Seek Select and the Ama-ze Select as well as in the Seek Amp. Freedom of movement is key. No matter if you paddle, pass your bar and while holding onto your rail, handle, boom – or simply your drink. The whole wetsuit range offers many more new highlights. Check them out in our 2022 Wetsuit Guide. Wetsuit guide – ION (ion-products.com)


ION introduces the new Ergo_Concept. The Ergo_Concept aims at developing products which prioritize the riders‘s health. In the 2022 the concept‘s key pillar is the 3D Fit Technology.

Its application to ION‘s harness range marks the Ergo_Concept‘s kick-off. We strive to continously extend it to further products. The 3D Fit Technology is featured in the entire hardshell harness range. Developed in cooperation with leading health professionals, harn-ess fit now not only considers one’s waist circumference but also the rider’s back length. Besides standard sizes, all CURV harnesses are now available in Tall-sizes i.e. Medium-Tall. In a third dimension, two exchangeable Ergo_Pads ensure an adaption to the individual curvature of one’s spine.”

Check out the whole 2022 collection now: www.boards-more.com/ion/water

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