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Check out the 2020 Torbole 293 test event International Windsurfing Event final day video. Lake Garda is such a stunning race venue and the clip features some awesome action from the youths!

Torbole, Lake Garda-Italy: At the Circolo Surf Torbole, after the end of the Techno races, the first demonstrative event of possible Olympic young board, the Tahe Techno Wind Foil 130 took place on Saturday 31st October. This board could replace the Techno 293 Plus used in Buenos Aires 2018 and be in contention for Dakar 2026, event that has been postponed for 4 years. There are two age categories the in competition: Under and over 16. They confronted each other in a demonstration heat race through reach and upwind. For the race course the organization used the electric buoys. The experiment, considering the very heterogeneous level of the participants – it definitely went well and above all it entertained the young athletes, who were the protagonists of an event that could open a new path to the Youth Olympics.

In a period in which sailing seems increasingly projected to foil, between America’s Cup fly boats, Olympic catamarans such as the Nacra 17, boards, kites, the world of young people is adapting by offering a board and equipment with fairly low and technically cost suitable for young. All the managers of the International and Italian Techno Class and the managers of the Tahe company, which replaced the previous Bic Sport, were present at the Circolo Surf Torbole, making boards and sails available to young.

Armando Bronzetti, President of Circolo Surf Torbole: “we have closed this particular season with a wonderful international event: we hosted Tahe which presented the new young foil Techno 130: we also tested it during a demonstrative race set up just for this occasion. The impression seems to be excellent for  this product dedicated to young. Regarding the rest of the season I am satisfied given how it was started: we did several events with great participation, the windsurfing and kite school went very well, the members attended the club in serenity.

Next year we’re going to organize two world championships (IFCA Slalom and Techno 293) plus a new foil event, in addition to the One Hour Classic, the Techno National Championship and other events that will be added along the way. We hope that everything can be done in peace and that the season starts regularly. Even with the competitive teams it went very well, as we went to the podium in all classes and disciplines with our young boys and girls trained by Dario Pasta “.

The opinion of Mauro Covre, the technical coach of the FIV young team who was here during the whole event: : “It has been a good foil event, the technical level of the competitors was very heterogeneous; some of them had no experience and some other more; the wind condition was very difficult, too gusty, not so good for foil. Nevertheless all competitors had fun and were able to complete the race, also who had little experience. It means that this board is easy to manage and suitable for younger age groups, 12/13 years old. And if the formats and routes are appropriate for the age, the danger is also very relative. However, I think that it will not be able to replace the Techno293, which remains the board up to the age of 16 on which to learn to race.”

Ivan Oprandi, president of the Italian Techno Class:”The Techno foil is easy to manage, for those who have never “flown” and funny for those who already races with this equipment. For the young Techno class, it completes the supply chain towards the Olympic class. The price is reasonable, the materials are strong, the monotype and easiness to use are the strengths that guarantee clubs to maintain a large base of young athletes “.

Ezio Ferin, ex President of the International Techno Class who tested personally the board: “Having participated in the development of the previous table that replaced Aloha (former youth class), I had hoped that the product could have 3 characteristics: functionality, low cost and the appreciation of children. The first must allow children from 5 to 35 knots to be put in the water; the other important feature is of course the price and this class is quite cheap as the Techno was before. Last but not least, the board must have the appreciation of children and this happened. In testing the board it was necessary to first make a correct trim of the tail rudder, mast foot and straps to be able to go (as it is for all foils); the board is very easy, the foil flies well and is stable when flying and has been tested in all conditions even the most difficult with strong and very gusty winds. Despite the 7sqm sail provided to all the boys, the fleet managed to race even in the morning with wind reaching over 20 knots, despite the very different technical levels and even with the light wind in the afternoon, flying without problems and demonstrating a range of very wide use. The intention of the class is to let people race even with the “old” sails used on the Techno 293 so as not to have additional expenses in class change. And even in this case the boys found themselves very well, adapting perfectly”.

Victory in the over 16 went to Luca Franchi (YC Italiano) followed by Graciotti (SEF Stamura) and Pilloni (Windsurfing Club Cagliari). Among the youngest under 16 double win of the color bearer of Circolo Surf Torbole, Leonardo Tomasini and Rocco Sotomayor, third place for Tiberio Riccini (CS Bracciano).


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