fbpx Windsurf MagazineJOHN SKYE: 2020 HIGHLIGHTS

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RRD sail designer John Skye, has just released these awesome clips filmed in South Africa and the Canary Islands during 2020, a year where travel has been very limited but did have its plus points.

“2020 was obviously a very strange year, hardly leaving home, but consequently scoring most of the good days here, which very often I miss completely. As we live in a modern era where content is used every day, most of these clips have been seen before in some form or other, but I still wanted to throw them all together in an edit to a good tune. Hope you enjoy!  90% of this footage was with the Compact Vogue, our complete rig that folds in a back pack. Showings it´s full no compromise potential!”

John Skye – 2020 from John Skye on Vimeo.


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