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Windsurf catch up with the incredible racer, Antoine Albeau, who started windsurfing at the age of 5 on the west coast of France. He turned professional in 1992 and has clocked up around 25 world titles! Incredibly, at the age of 47, he is still competing at the highest level and holds the windsurfing speed record over 500m of 53.27 knots, when he raised the bar in Luderitz in 2015! 

Photos: PWA/ Carter

WS: How is life for you at home in France during the crises?
AA: I think it is super hard for the people in the cities and living in apartments, especially where the weather is really sunny and warm like it has been. I live on Ile de Ré, an island off the west coast of France and it is beautiful here so things are not too bad personally.

WS: What have you been doing?
AA: I am busy seven days a week working on my new house! This is great for me mentally and is keeping me occupied which is what I need right now.

WS: Are you missing racing?
AA: Of course, I am missing the racing and competition and this is really a big shame that all the first events are cancelled this season. There is nothing any of us can do right now so we all have to stay positive and use this time to work on other projects and stay safe.

WS: Are you allowed to windsurf?
AA: No, we are not allowed, we had a message from the French Federation that we CAN’T go sailing and all the beaches are close in France! It is not even possible to go on the beach even though I live right there!

WS: Do you think you will be competing again this season?
AA: I think yes, maybe the first one will be Fuerteventura and I hope because it is one of my favourite place to compete.

WS: Can you tell us how you are keeping fit and mentally strong during the last month?
AA: I am training almost every day with Paola in the garden and as I told you the weather is just amazing so this is perfect for us. I can get on with my jobs on the house, I have lots to do so it is not a huge problem.

WS: What discipline of windsurfing do you miss the most and why?
AA: Anything would do, I just need to go in the water to spend some time, free to go where I want!

WS: Out of all of your world titles which one do you remember the most?
AA: I would say maybe the one I lost  against Bjorn in 2011! You always remember the one you don’t win, off course! But, I remember the good ones as well! When wining Fuerteventura and in the same time wining the world title, two events before the end of the season! Of course those are the best memories.

WS: Who was your greatest rival over the years and why?
AA: I think fighting with Bjorn, Micah and Finian back in the day was amazing! You appreciate the riders who have respect for you!

WS: Why do you love windsurfing?
AA: It is not only windsurfing that I love, it is any sport or action sports! I love to practice sports in water and in the snow, this is what I like! But give me a sports car or a motorbike and I will love it as well!

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