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This large horseshoe bay offers excellent sailing conditions for experienced short boarders. The best winds are from S to N and is known by the locals as one of the windiest places in Britain. In very strong winds, waves do form in the bay but they are only big enough for jumping. It is only possible to sail at high tide and as the water goes out a long way, it is advisable to check the tides before you travel. Allonby Bay is not suitable for inexperienced sailors though, as there is a fairly strong rip tide and the water can get very choppy.


Getting there: From Silloth, take the B5300 S to Allonby and follow the road to the beach

Parking: Car park near the beach

Ideal Wind: S

Accomodation: Local B&B’s

Amenities: Toilets, shops and a bar

Water Quality: P

Suitable for: Experienced

Our Rating:


One comment
  • FKPhil says:

    “The best winds are from S to N” when from the western half.
    Winds are strong here, but often cycle up and down in strength sometimes making sail selection hit and miss.
    Rising tide and wind can quickly push you north if you end up slogging in no wind… not a danger as the beach goes on for ever but potentially a long walk back.
    Despite what it says above you can sail at LW (and often the sea state is better) if you don’t mind the long walk, but stay well out to avoid the odd sub-surface boulder.
    Water can be scruffy before/around high water, best then to go to Cross Canonby car park a couple of miles south… still a bit scruffy but an easier launch.
    Despite all that, a great site with by far the best chance in the county of getting a good windy session when the wind from the W half.

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