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Bridlington Bay is a large horseshoe bay offers many different sailing experiences depending on the wind direction. In North East winds, the area is excellent for wave sailors and 4 metre waves are a regular occurrence. In West winds the water is better for speed sailing and in S winds, the water is choppier and ideal for sailors who enjoy bump and jump conditions. However, there are also dangerous areas in the bay including the S end where sunken villages provide underwater obstacles that can easily remove a fin. Also near the harbour, at the North end of the bay, a large sand bar creates big swells and in strong winds with the right tidal conditions, the waves can be as big as 40ft! Apart from these two areas, which are best avoided, this location offers some excellent sailing for beginners and experts alike.


Getting there:

Parking: Plenty of free and payable parking

Ideal Wind: All wind directions

Accomodation: B&B’s, campsite & caravan park

Amenities: All kinds of amenities

Water Quality: South Beach - P. North Beach - MCSR

Suitable for: Everyone

Our Rating:

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