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The long sandy beach at Fraisthorpe is ideal for beginners in the right conditions because the water is fairly shallow for a long distance. Also, this location receives more wind than many other sites along the same stretch of coast because the sand dunes are lower. This coupled with West winds makes this a great place for speed sailing, as the water is mainly flat. In North winds, the water is much choppier and great for wave sailing. However, on a good day there can be quite a few people on the water so visitors are advised to get here early.


Getting there: Take the A165 N from Kingston Upon Hull and follow the signs when you reach Fraisthorpe. The access road is not marked on maps but pass through the village, the farm and car park is in front of you

Parking: Parking available on beach and cliff top

Ideal Wind: N for waves, W for flat water

Accomodation: Caravans but they have to be booked, B&B’s in Bridlington

Amenities: Toilets, food van

Water Quality: MCSR

Suitable for: Depends on wind direction

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  • Paul says:

    Went here recently as a first venture out into the sea after learning on lakes. I am just about in the harness and starting to plane so still got a lot to learn.

    This site is great and is perfect for me. There is loads of space to park looking at the beach so you can weight it up. The beach itself goes on and on for miles and is away from the major tourist sections.

    Unfortunately I went when the wind was westerly as I wanted to feel more confident that if all went wrong at least I would be safe. This meant that the conditions were just too choppy for me. I will definitely be back when it is westerly as having visited I am happy I would be fine. It is shallow for a long way out. That just means if you arrive at low tide that the water is a very long walk out!!

    The postcode for the car park is YO15 3QU which is only £2.50 for the day. It closed at 7.30pm.

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