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For wave sailing in a prevailing SW, Leysdown is a better bet than Minster (See below). The sand and mud beach faces NE so it’s more or less off shore. There’s parking in the centre of the village, which is made up of scattered caravan sites, chalets and holiday homes. From the village a road heads south and turns into a potholed track that leads to Shell Beach on the eastern tip of the Isle of Sheppey. The incoming tides come in fast.


Getting there: From Kingsferry Bridge, turn right at the roundabout then follow the B2231 to Leysdown

Parking: On the right as you drive out of the village towards the beach

Ideal Wind: N, S, SW (Waves)

Accomodation: Caravan parks nearby


Water Quality:

Suitable for: Intermediate and advanced in SW

Our Rating:

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