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Around two miles South of Blyth, Seaton is a small East facing sandy beach, which means it works with many different wind directions. However, the best winds are S – SE which create fairly flat waters suitable for all levels of sailor. When the winds are more NE (offshore) beginners are advised to stay on the beach or go elsewhere as inexperienced sailors can easily be swept out to sea. Also, since sea defences were put up on the beach, access has become more of a problem and groynes in the water could cause problems for beginners.


Getting there: Take the A193 N from Tynemouth, Seaton is about two miles N of Whitley Bay

Parking: Reasonable parking available

Ideal Wind: S – SE

Accomodation: B&B’s close to the beach

Amenities: Toilets

Water Quality: MCSR

Suitable for: Beginners in S – SE. Intermediate in NE

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