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Probably the most popular spot in Scotland, within easy reach of Glasgow and with sailing conditions to suit all except, the very beginner. SE through to SW winds gives cross-off to cross-on. Wave power is low, but the wave size is up to logo high on the outer rocky reefs. All reefs are covered during winter low pressures except on very low points of the tide. The reefs to watch are directly off the beach and at right angles to it and one due south. The outer reefs make medium to low, towards high tide the best conditions for waves. In summer at higher points of the tide Troon South Beach offers excellent sailing conditions for long boards and slalom.


Getting there: A77 from Glasgow, follow signs for Prestwick A719, then first right across dual carriageway to the Links Course car park

Parking: Car park halfway down beach

Ideal Wind: Anything with S in it

Accomodation: In town


Water Quality: MCSR

Suitable for: Everyone except beginners

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