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There are severe limitations on launching from Wells next to the Sea as the lifeboat house shelters much of the bay, and windsurfers aren’t allowed N of this as there is a waterski school. However, when you finally do get out, the shelter that was a hindrance suddenly becomes very helpful if you are a beginner because it encloses a sheltered bay that it is great for learning. Another problem is created by the nearby harbour, home to the large local fishing industry and this means there are always a lot of obstacles on the water. Apart from this, the beach is fine for learning and more experienced sailors will also enjoy it.


Getting there: Take the A149 coastal road E from Hunstanton and follow the signs when you reach Wells

Parking: Payable parking

Ideal Wind: NW – NE

Accomodation: Campsite

Amenities: Toilets, café/restaurant, shops

Water Quality: MCSR

Suitable for: Sheltered area suitable for beginners

Our Rating:

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