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Further South and Brean turns into Berrow which offers a variety of sailing conditions depending on the strength and direction of the wind. It really excels in Southerly to South-South East winds when you get a cleaner wind then at Weston and it is cross-shore port tack, when there are waves it can be very good! It is generally similar to Weston in the conditions you get but there is usually a very slight current running from left to right. In light winds beginners should be able to sail on fairly flat water. When the winds pick up, so do the waves and this spot is suitable for experienced sailors who enjoy swell. However, as there is a large tidal range, it is only possible to sail here at high tide.

Getting there: From Burnham head N along the coastal road into Berrow. The beach is then signposted and you drive on the beach. Most windsurfers drive all the way to the South (left) end

Parking: Pay & Display

Ideal Wind: S-SSE but works in anything from the West

Accommodation: Campsite

Amenities: Toilets, shops

Suitable for: Everyone

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