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Great weekend of racing took place at Tenby for round 6 of the BSA sponsored by Simmer/O’Shea/Puravida
Round-up below courtesy of the UKWA and picture gallery from Dave White and Pete Davis (racing shots).

BSA Tenby
Congratulations to Kevin Greenslade and Mark Ingram who came out top in the Pro and Am fleets after a punishing weekend’s racing in Tenby. Only 0.7 separated first from third in the Pros with James Dinsmore second and Leigh Kingaby third. Zara Davis, Speed Windsurfer took an excellent third overall and first lady in the Ams.
Everything is set for an exciting final day to the Championships in Weymouth on Saturday Oct 29. In the Pros James Dinsmore leads Kevin Greenslade with all to play for. In the Amateurs Ian Robbo Roberts has now secured the title (unofficial maths!).

Windsurf magazine would also like to echo all the praise of the competitors for the race crew who did an amazing job in tricky conditions !

From Dave White – “Three buoy down wind slalom, how hard can it be. That was exactly my thought yesterday morning, though I’ve got a different opinion now.

I’m sure physically hard sessions on the water fade in the memory over time but right now I can’t remember any in the last ten years that left my body feeling as wrecked as this morning. Sail choice may have something to do with it, I’ve handled two sizes too big before but not in such a lumpy and confused sea.

Full respect to those taking the podium places, though the ones that are the real hero’s of the day are the boat crew, seeing them bouncing around in a rib in the pissing rain keeps my frustration under control when drop a gybe, thanks guys and girls, we wouldn’t be out there without you…. so maybe its you’re to blame for the way I feel this morning 🙂 

Felt like a long drive home after a punishing weekend of slalom. Tenth might not sound like a result to be proud of so apologies for sounding like an old git but I could never master the corners when I was young let alone with the pressure of gybing with a fleet of youngsters half my age.

I’m guessing the strain of the weekend showed this morning as the wife asked “isn’t it time you gave up”, apart from know knowing how, the answer was actually quite easy “no, I just need a coach for the gym and the water as we’ve only a month before Weymouth”.

From Zara Davis – “Fantastic weekends racing at Tenby. I got on the podium for the 1st time in Slalom and 1st lady with Jenna Gibson keeping me very honest. Thanks to Jim from Pura Vida and Farrel O’shea from Simmer Style for sponsoring the event. I would also like to nominate the British Slalom Association race crew for a Sainthood for their hard work this weekend in some very tough conditions”

Slalom 6


Results as of 17:48 on September 25, 2016

Amateur Fleet
1st Mark Ingram
2nd Samuel Anstey
3rd Zara Davis
4th Peter Whitmore
5th Jenna Gibson
6th Garry Connell
7th Darly Langford
8th David Strudwick
9th Ian Roberts
10th Josh Lane
11th Gerry Northwood
12th Simon Chippington
13th Mark Palmer
14th Charles Milner
15th Owen Gibson
16th Mike Poole
17th Martin Jerrard
18th Andy Stuart-William
19th George Fulton
20th Richie Hill
21st Ian Kraft
22nd Mark Rich
23rd Chay Tudberry
23rd Morgan Robinson
23rd John Lane
23rd Guy Bassett
23rd Bob Ingram
23rd  Peter Daulby
23rd Simon Langley
Pro Fleet
1st Kevin Greenslade
2nd James Dinsmore
3rd Leigh Kingaby
4th Simon Pettifer
5th Shaun Cook
6th Scotty Stallman
7th Jim Crossley
8th Scott Harrison
9th Nick Welsh
10th Dave White
11th Jonathan Mobbs
12th Paul Sibley
13th Tim Gibson
14th Jack Bassett
15th Kacper Wozniak
16th James Battye
17th Jason Hill
18th Michael George


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