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We hand it over to one of the keenest windsurfers on the planet, Timo Mullen, to find out what is on list of windsurfing items to tick off his bucket list!

Photos: John Carter and Billy Mullen

WAVES: Amongst the waves I would love to sail, are Pacasmayo in Peru, Punta San Carlos down in Baja, Aileens in Ireland, Thurso East up in Scotland, Taranaki all the way round the world in New Zealand and the reefs up on the Orkney Islands! As for countries I would love to visit, still on my list, I have Iceland, Norway, Peru, New Zealand and Madagascar for starters. But right now during this lockdown, I would take a good old session in Gwithian, Cornwall, blowing southerly with a solid 6 feet pumping swell!

MOVES: In my mind I have been thinking of the Back loop of the lip (in down the line), I love rotational moves of the lip! I 100% can visualise completing this move and obviously it has already been landed by Ricardo on starboard tack and Philip Koester has been close on port. I reckon he could be the man if I don’t get there first! I like setting myself challenges like this! I did it with Goitas, 360’s and forward off the lips! But you need consistent conditions every day to do improve and learn these moves, Cape Town is great for that, as is Gnaraloo, but I think the places I’ve seen the most makeable sections for a back loop off the lip are Gwithian and a few spots in Ireland.

As for jumps, the tweaked table top into back loop is another of my dreams. I am 100% sure this is possible. It would probably look a bit clunky and forced but definitely is possible. I nearly landed one maybe 25 years ago in Tenerife so for sure it can be done.

COMPETITION GOALS: I would love to win any event in port tack cross off and I would be very happy to bag a British Wave sailing title before I hit 50!

CRAZY STUFF:  I would like to experience the thrill to be a passenger in a fighter jet, F1 or a rally car! I think a rally car passenger experience would be nuts, or I guess I could ring Whitey and go for a drive with him, which would be a lot cheaper and probably way scarier!

FAMOUS PEOPLE:  The full VIP F1 experience with backstage pit pass and full works would be insane! I am not that star struck by people as I have met a few heroes in sport and wish I hadn’t! I would prefer the chance to be bring back loved ones who have passed away! I think of those people all the time, more so than anyone famous.

OTHERS: It would be sick to get properly barrelled on my surfboard, like a proper deep barrel! I have a recurring dream that I can proper wheelie on my BMX; like so real I wake up and think I can but obviously I can’t!



Keep doing it until I die!
Land a push loop forward.
Smack an aerial on a seriously big wave in Ireland.
Have a constant supply of Severne, Mako 91’s for the rest of my life!
Travel to Gnaraloo every year!


Keep my family safe.
Be happy!
Make other people happy!
Make my company WiDEYE a global brand.
Win the Euro millions!

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