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Falmouth Harbour is the world’s third largest natural harbour and offers plenty to windsurfers from complete beginners to the accomplished short boarder. The myriad of creeks and inslets offers a wonderfully safe yet massive expanse of water to play in. Considering the size of the water, launch sites are scarce but the three main ones allow you to sail in any wind direction and any state of the tide. There are few hazards, currents and waves to catch the less experienced sailors out, so long as common sense is used. Loe Beach at Feock is just ten minutes from Truro on the north shore of Carrick Roads. It’s an excellent spot to sail from – convenient parking right on the beach, plenty of flat water sailing and usable wind directions of SW, S, SE and E. During summer there are plenty of moored boats around and you should give the bathing area a wide berth when launching.

Near Falmouth, Mylor Harbour is another excellent beach with good flat-water sailing. Drive past Mylor church to the Restronguet Sailing Club, drop your gear off on the beach but park your car back at the main car park and not on the beach please. If you don’t, access to the beach will be withdrawn to cars. Being central to Carrick Roads, this beach works in almost every wind direction except SW, which is offshore and very gusty. At low tide the water becomes very shallow and although muddy is a great place for practising waterstarting and other short board manoeuvres. It is also ideal for launching a long board to cruise around the various creeks and inlets of the Fal. Check out the Windsport Centre (Tel: 01326 376191) based at Mylor Yacht Harbour for trailer parking, camping and RYA lessons to help you on your way. In nearby Truro you’ll find Cornwall’s main windsurfing shop, Westcountry Watersports (01872 753420) which is well stocked with boards, rigs and accessories, organises demo days at Stithians Watersports centre (01209 860301) and racing at the coast.

Getting there: See above

Parking: Car park close by.

Ideal Wind: SW, S, SE & E

Accommodation: In town.

Amenities: Board hire, video coaching, showers, junior club.

Suitable for: All levels.

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