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Check out this awesome new edit from Federico Infantino who managed to make this video after multiple injuries and personal life problems!

Introducing Chapter III, produced by Unleash Media House !
Well, la Nina definitely affected the Australian weather conditions this year, but overall we can’t complain much in the South West considering what’s going on in the World! Between work, injuries, and personal life problems, this year was not too easy to organize the shooting of the new video Chapter III, but thank you to the incredible Unleash Media House Team we make it happen.
Why Chapter III?
As we grow and life is rolling, we become more mature, and we do have new life perspectives, new problems, and new responsibilities.
Everything looks good and perfect on the social media world, but everyone has to face their real story every day.
I personally think people do not change, they just adapt themselves to the new situation.
Our life is made by Chapters, we don’t know how many chapters we have before the end, but usually, they finish with a big life change, and I considered 2021/2022 the end of my life’s Chapter 3.
2021 was the end of an incredible journey for me where I achieved most of my dreams, it was also supposed to be a new beginning for something even better, but life decided to turn it into a new different kind of challenge. I also had to face multiple injuries which stop me for several weeks with the risk of not being able to surf anymore during the season.
Fortunately, the good mindset and good fitness training paid off and helped the recovery time.
Even if the doctors weren’t too happy about me back sailing in a very short time!
It is definitely the first year of my life where I understood how important is to have a good and strong mindset to don’t lose the right path, and I was able to keep it thanks to our love for adrenaline and windsurfing!
We always take everything too much for granted in life, this is why I dedicated the motto of Unleash Media House to this matter: Expect the Unexpected!
I still don’t know when, if and how I will be back out of this challenge, but whatever it takes, I will never stop fighting to keep my dreams alive.
Helmets: GATH SFC, Neo Hat & Eva Hat
Sails: Goya Windsurfing Banzai 4.2 & 4.7
Boards: Quatro Pyramid 77lt, Goya Custom 4 74lt
Masts: MaverX Masts MX – 100, MaverX Masts MX 90
Boom: AL360 Windsurfing Tools carbon slim
Surf Accessories: Surflogic Australia
Project & Editing: Unleash Media House
Lifestyle footage: Federico Infantino
Mountain Bike footage – land: Giulio Paparesta
Mountain Bike footage – drone: Daniele Manodritto
Windsurfing footage – Land: Max Salas
Windsurfing footage – Water: Max Salas
Windsurfing footage – drone: Scott Bauer Photography
Jet Ski support: Marco Romano

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