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Simon Bassett from 2XS tells us about a session where the stars all lined up at the Witterings!

Sometimes it all falls into line -perfect, tide, sun, wind speed and direction, swell and action. It did last Thursday Nov 17th. Mark Perry gave me a call said it was happening down in the Wittering’s and that I should be there around 8.30 am.

I was hoping to windsurf myself, but back issues kept me out of the water so grabbed the camera and headed to the beach.

With a Westerly direction, dropping tide, decent period swell and clean inside waves, Mark Perry, Ian Whittaker, Paul Hunt, Chris Audsley, Neal Gent, Jamie Hancock, Dan Macaulay, Nick Becker, Andy Chater and others were out on the water.

November has been mild, it has been a month so far of decent wind at last, West Wittering, J -road and Bracklesham all had really decent conditions that morning.

It is all about finding a spot where the chop isn’t killing the quality of the waves in a Westerly.

Jon Stevens sailed the West Wittering outer bar at low tide, and he reckoned it was super clean a spot which if you are prepared to walk offers unrivalled head high plus clean sets at dropping low tide in a westerly direction.

Paul Simmonds said Bracks’ was very good and Will Becker sailed J road and had a decent session. The whole bay was firing, Chris Audsley, Paul Hunt and Jamie Hancock were ripping! Locals, Mark Perry, Ian Whittaker and Neal Gent were having it!

We were sat on the beach while Rob was scoring jumps and rides and it turned into a bit of unofficial expression session. Difficult to decide who won I reckon windsurfing did ….

Words and Photos:  Simon Bassett /2XS


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