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Are you ready for take-off? Then check out Corky Kirkham’s latest session as he emulates legendary stunt man, Evel Knievel on his windsurfing kit in Fuerteventura! 

Corky tells the story: (All photos: Gilbert Bara)

The Evel Knievel idea came about when I was in Tiree in the autumn. I actually had the suit on Tiree, but the conditions were not radical enough wear it when we were there. My helmet from Gecko head gear this year is custom airbrush of Evel Knievel, so I thought why not get the suit! So, I have been waiting special session and my photographer, Gilbert Bara fully wanted to do a different kind shoot and step it up from the usual boring stuff.

Finally, we had a forecast for 35mph northeast winds, and the waves were due to be huge at Cotillo main beach, so we headed to Punta Blanca to check it out on north coast. We hit it at high tide as we knew low tide would be too big. My mission from Gilbert was to get as much footage in radical positions as possible! So ‘Eagle-Wings’ it was! They are the old one-handed tabletops which always get the adrenaline going. After about twelve crashes, I started to land a few and I also threw in a few Crazy Pete’s for good measure.

After hanging on for life on my 4.6m and Rebel Wave Pro from F2, I had to change boards as I lost a fin on landing an Eagle Wing. I had a total spinout all the way back to the beach going sideways all way in.

I pulled out another board out of the van and shot back out. Gilbert does not like to hang around for hours, so I knew had get back in quick. We usually do out sessions for a maximum of two hours at full tilt and then then head home.

There were no injuries at all or twists or sprains. So, it was a radical happy day, until I lost my kit on the last back loop and the next wave took it all into inside, the kit was un-damaged, and the sail was perfect. I had to do a fifty yard walk over dry rock back to my gear!  All the kooks staring at me dressed like Evel Knievel!

Cheers and thanks to my sponsors:

F2windsurf, Wearmission, Dakine, Secreto Del Sur, VW Canarias, K4fins and Gecko Helmets!


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