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The Big Sexy Pictures team captured this awesome behind the scenes action from the 2024 Duotone photo shoot which went down in the stunning island of Mauritius.

Mauritius – True Windsurfing | Behind the Scenes with the Duotone Team on the SS24 Photoshoot

Scouting locations for the SS24 photoshoot was a unique challenge. Top of the list was scoring epic conditions, but of equal importance was a location that offered a level of privacy as to not reveal out big secret too early. Enter Mauritius – an African island in the Indian Ocean, most famous for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. Somewhere that wouldn’t be too much in the public eye, yet the chance to score epic conditions. Chance being the key word. To meet deadlines we had to shoot in early May, which is the very start of the season in Mauritius and the conditions were by no means guaranteed. But this offered a unique opportunity to take the Wave x Freestyle team on an extended trip with everyone staying together in one house for two weeks. The result was the best photoshoot we have ever had. The best team, the best photos, the best videos and the best vibe. Join us as we look deeper into the team unlike anything we have done before and tap into the emotions of this trip, whilst scoring epic conditions at One Eye, Le Morne and more…


This is DUOTONE.

Filmed and produced by Big Sexy Pictures

DUOTONE Windsurfing ᐅ Welcome to True Windsurfing. (duotonesports.com)

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