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Exmouth – The Duck Pond – as the locals know it – is just within the Exe Estuary. At high tide it’s a large sailing area where you will be within your depth if you come off your board. Perfect for learning and sailing in ‘maxed out’ conditions, it can be sailed in most wind directions and, if the worst comes to the worst, you will be blown to shore. There is ample parking on the waterfront but at peak times, you may have to dump your gear and park in the overflow car park two minutes walk away. The big drawback is that it is really only sailable a couple of hours either side of high tide and during neap tides it’s only sailable 45 minutes either side of high tide. (Tide tables and info are available from Waterfront Sports). There is a large grassy area for rigging next to the water and toilets. Exmouth town is only a three minute walk.

Getting there: From Town Centre, head towards the Rail & Bus stations, go left at the first roundabout, turn right at the second. The Duck Pond is on the left

Parking: Pay and Display parking on the front

Ideal Wind: Most wind directions

Accommodation: Plenty in town

Suitable for: Everyone

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