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Federico Morisio has recently joined forces with Starboard and has released a video to explain the collaboration and connection with the brand.  

Federico says: “Yes, Starboard Windsurfing is my new board sponsor!

Wow, I’m so happy to finally share this new sponsorship with all of you and officially be part of the #StarboardWindsurfing Dream Team!

This year hasn’t been easy at all in between Covid and my injury, but all the hard work in these past years is paying off and especially, keeping my mindset strong and positive, great things like this wonderful partnership are coming my way!

Starboard is such a legendary brand in the windsurfing world and I love the passion, innovation and values behind it! Even though I can’t get in the water right now, I’m already dreaming of all the insane projects, sessions and fun we’re going to have together and I’m feeling so excited for what’s ahead!”

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