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You know one of those videos you see on the internet that can only be explained by watching … introducing Game of Winds by Igor Yudakov – massive jumps, strange dancing, donkeys and drones – or as Igor says – “Game of Winds is a film about our Windsurf Camp in Morocco with friends. The whole trip and the film itself are in the “Game of Thrones” style, it was in this place, within the walls of a medieval fortress on the shores of the Atlantic, where several episodes of the famous TV series were filmed, and our trip just coincided with the release of the final season. So, we shot our episode and called it “Game of winds”). We were very lucky with the wind: it broke out in such a way that it blew all two weeks on the smallest sails, bringing a big ocean waves. We traveled a lot and practiced at various spots and even came up with a new expression about it – “rewarded with the wind”). But besides this are crazy adventures and incredible French – Moroccan cuisine!
But the most valuable thing is, of course, the company, such different and so addicted people in traveling and surf. Thanks you! This trip was unforgettable!
See you next season!
Best regards,
Igor Yudakov”

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