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George Grisley has just released his latest film project called Bittersweet, which documents the behind-the-scenes decisions facing windsurfers looking to pursue a career in the sport. Well worth a watch as George speaks honestly about inspiring the next generation of windsurfers and making the decisions on what path to follow himself on his windsurfing journey!

BITTERSWEET – “arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain”

Please enjoy this movie directed by George Grisley and Maarten Molenaar from Jericoacoara Brazil. If you enjoyed the movie, please like and subscribe to help make more projects like this in the future. You are welcome to contribute to the project using the following link 🫶 https://www.gofundme.com/f/bitterswee…

Concept by: George Grisley Directed by: George Grisley and Maarten Molenaar Cinematography and Editing: Maarten Molenaar Starring: George Grisley, Sandy Clunas, Sam Green, Rafael de Windt, Julia Weitz, Balz Muller, Maarten Molenaar, Max Rowe, Ali Paul

Music by: The Family Rain, Ray Laurel, Deeper, Lime Garden, Folly Group, Radium Dolls, Pip Blom

Special thanks: IntegoPro Sunscreen All Crowdfunding Supporters Duotone Windsurfing Additional footage: CC Films, CC Windsurf

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