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Check out the 2021 range of ION Seek and Amaze Select wetsuits, which they claim are the warmest wetsuits they ever made due to Graphene inner linings!

“We set new standards in wetsuit technology with the use of the wonder material “graphene” as our cutting-edge inner lining. We equipped our premium wetsuit models SEEK Select and AMAZE Select with the Nobel Prize winning Graphene technology. The material is known for its superior heat-conducting and quickdrying properties, making these two models the warmest wetsuits we have ever made!”


Graphene has been considered a ‘miracle material’ since its discovery and sounds more like science fiction than reality. Made up of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern like honeycombs, it’s not only the thinnest material in the world, it‘s also one of the strongest. Compared to steel, for example, graphene is two hundred times stronger; it is also harder than diamond. One square meter of graphene weighs less than a milligram and is a million times thinner than a sheet of paper. Due to its physical structure, graphene has unique properties that exceed anything previously used in wetsuit technology. Graphene heats up faster and stores this heat much longer than other inner linings, offering optimal thermal properties. Another advantage of the two-dimensional construction is its high flexibility and stretch. Besides, the extremely strong carbon bonds make the material extremely robust

You can now confidently venture out for a session in colder water and outside temperatures than you had previously been comfortable in. A 20% increase in warmth represents a quantum leap in thermal insulation and wetsuit technology,” explains Michael Schuster, Product Manager at ION. “This opens up a whole new world for watersports enthusiast who dread the cold. With the new ION “SELECT” wetsuits, winter suddenly doesn’t seem that long anymore as many more opportunities arise for time on the water until the milder temperatures of spring arrive!” adds Product Manager Michael.

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