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Great footage from the IWT Pacasmayo Classic 2017.

Pro Men Results

1 Federico Morisio
2 Morgan Noireaux
3 Russ Faurot
4 Yann Rifflet
T5 Kevin Pritchard
T5 Mike Archer
T7 Jad Ghosn
T7 Maxime Fevrier
T9 Chris Freeman
T9 Benjamin Fabres
11 Yerko Radovic
12 Alessio Botteri

Women Results
1 Sabine Zola
2 Maria Andres
3 Bjoerte Purschel
4 Bettina Gonzales
T5 Annamaria Zollet
T5 Leysa Perotti
T7 Gisela Bigliel
T7 Denise Blondet
T7 Flora Vergnoll
10 Sam Bittner
11 Cecilia Tolly

Amateur Results
1 William Perez
2 Tom Soltysiak
3 Raoul Reiner
4 Joaquin Desriviers
T5 Boris Van Cauteren
T5 Jonathan Pooley
T7 Fernando Ramirez
T7 Simeon Glasson
T7 Christian Lavelli
T10 Roberto Carrasco
T10 Peter Kimball
T10 Alejandro Quevedo
T13 Omar Castro
T13 Mario Nunes
T15 Jason Hale
T15 Carlos Gomez

Masters Results
1 Simeon Glasson
2 Jonathan Pooley
3 Yerko Radovic
4 Peter Kimball
5 George Schobert
6 Moni Serhal

Grand Master Result
1 Carlos Gomez

Youth Results
1 William Perez
2 Joaquin Desriviers
3 Alessio Botteri
4 Sabine Zolla

Via International Windsurfing Tour

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