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Windsurf  Magazine talk to the crazy French man, Jules Denel who lives at Wissant in the north of France and sails for the JP/ Neil Pryde team.

Photos: PWA/Carter.

WS: What has been happening with you over the past two months?

JD: We have had a really long period in France with not so much liberty. I was biking and running a lot. Now I am happy to sail back at home in Wissant. I think we were in the top three places in Europe about strict rules during the lockdown so it was pretty tough.

WS: What were you planning during this time normally?

JD:  Normally I am in Maui at this period for the Neil Pryde and JP Photo shooting, so I missed that trip and i heard it was a good season!

WS: How have you been staying fit and keeping mentally positive?

JD: I have worked a lot on my fitness during these two months! Luckily, I could be in out in the nature from my place place by running not far from my house and this was really important to keep myself mentally positive.

WS: Do you hope to compete or travel again this season?

JD: Yes, I hope so! Also, I hope the economy in windsurfing will stay there because without help of sponsors we could not travel and go to the contests! But if competitions come, I will do my best to be ready!

WS: Why do you love windsurfing?

JD: Because when I am with my gear on the water, is the place where I feel really free! Today more than ever I realise it, with all what is happening.

WS: Do you prefer competition or free sailing?

JD: I like both! Competition is a great way to challenge yourself; it’s making you improve in your free sessions. Competition is really amazing when you achieve a solid result, but when you do bad, it is not the same story!

WS: What are your favourite conditions and why?

JD:  My favourite conditions is a perfect Ponta Preta, mast high with 4.7 m or 5.0m. I mean, I love sailing also when it’s really strong wind like 3.3m in a big storm. But really, when I when I visited to Ponta Preta last year, I realised that it is the best place of the world for that perfect wave riding feeling. It was really hard returning to the first session after this in ‘normal’ conditions.

WS: What are your ambitions in windsurfing?

JD: About competition, it is going as high as possible in my PWA ranking. My best result was 7th after a complete year in 2018. I would love to go for a top five place. As for windsurfing in general, just to continue to experience these amazing moments, emotions, sensations and travel adventures. This is all what windsurfing can offer to you!

WS: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

JD: I have never asked myself this question. I will be sad to know where I will be in ten years. I prefer to stay focus on the present and live the short-term life.

WS: Who was your idol when you started wave sailing and why?

 JD: I think was Robby Naish, because he was a huge star and he was the best for many years and he had a really good style of wave riding.


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