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Kimmeridge or K-Bay is one of the top wave sailing beaches on the South Coast. There are three launch points. The most commonly used is the concrete slipway to the left of the rigging area as you look out to sea. The rigging area is the SE corner of the bay next to the car park. In W or S launch from the old slipway below the sea wall (There are two buoys attached by rope – keep away or nose plant) and sail anywhere but beware of the rocks in the bay on your first few runs. In strong NW winds launch and sail on the ‘Ledges’ in the SE corner (Experts only). The Washing Ledge is the main problem area, so stay well upwind in W and SW. At spring low tides it can seriously disrupt your sailing. The best waves occur after a long SW blow when the wind veers W or even NW. Widely spaced waves between ten and thirty metres apart with long flat stretches in between. Anything from a couple of feet to mast high is possible here. There’s an army range nearby and on firing days do not land on Chornel or Broad beaches – any attempts will be dissuaded by a couple of serious squadies! The Coastguard is manned from 9-5 on weekends and they can be approached for local knowledge (Tel: 01929 480923). There is a car park next to the beach that is closed during summer when you’ll have to walk a short distance from the top car park.

Getting there: From Wareham on the A351 to Corfe Castle, turn right at Stoborough Green headed East Creech then Kimmeridge village via a narrow lane to the beach

Parking: Large grass parking area close to the beach

Ideal Wind: NW, W, SW, S, E

Accomodation: B&B in the village

Amenities: Restaurant and pub in village

Suitable for: Intermediates and above

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