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Loftsails tell us about their 2024 range..


The new Loftsails range has been released.

Loftsails’ core principle is delivering ease of performance, especially in the upper wind range. And the 2024 range reflects this principle by further enhancing Loftsails performance with a multitude of subtle adjustments.

With over four decades of sail design and engineering experience, Monty Spindler carefully engineers sail curves, shapes, and profiles, resulting in sails that exhibit a high level of adaptability to varying conditions.

LOFTSAILS 2024 Check full details below and here: https://www.loftsails.com/





With over 20 years of continuous development, Purelip has become the epitome of uncompromising wave design. It thrives in challenging conditions, delivering outstanding performance in waves, bump blasting, and big days.

Stability in the upper wind range and ease of use are defining features of Purelip. Sizes above 3.7 are constructed with a 5-batten layout, providing enhanced stability. Dual stabilizing tendons extend from the clew across the center panel, ensuring the maintenance of the profile and forward drive even when hit by strong gusts.

Loftsail designs are renowned for their wide trimming range and trim reactivity, and Purelip is no exception. It allows for a greater trim range and a broader wind spectrum. To sustain the claim, all sizes additionally feature two clew eyelets and three micro battens, enabling leech silence even with a firm trim at the upper end.

The Purelip range is built to withstand the harsh conditions of nuking Tarifa winds. Loftsails commit to high-grade materials and innovative features to ensure the sail’s longevity and survivability. All sizes in the Purelip range are fully xply and incorporate the Integrated Panels (IPC). These integrated panels, with head, tack, and clew overlaps, enhance the sail’s durability and strength.

While tube battens offer superior stiffness, they are not suitable for crashing waves. Loftsails addresses this issue by extensively incorporating its Standing Batten technology in Purelip and other wave designs. These standing battens provide similar stiffness and reflex while being more resilient to wave impact.

From the abrasion-resistant mast pad to the batten tensioner patches, the entire Purelip layout is equipped with multiple PVC protectors strategically placed to safeguard the sail from wear and tear.

From its top-end stability to reliability to ultimate bump & jump performance in demanding conditions, the Purelip is simply epic.





Designed for ultimate down-the-line wave expression, Wavescape combines power on demand with agile handling. Whether you’re riding perfect waves or facing gusty winds, this sail is optimized to perform in any condition.

The Wavescape features a dacron luff panel that helps soften power surges, providing a controlled and comfortable ride. Dual stabilizing tendons and Loftsails’ signature standing battens direct the power where you need it and stabilize the profile in strong and gusty winds.

Every size in the Wavescape range offers a wide and highly sensitive trim range, allowing riders to dial into the conditions at hand.

Constructed with top-quality materials, the full xply Wavescape sail is designed to endure the most extreme conditions. Loftsails’ Integrated Panel Concept enhances the sail’s durability by incorporating head, tack, and clew panel overlaps. These radial multi-ply extensions extend into the sail body, providing added strength and increased survivability.

Offering light, soft handling in down-the-line wave riding, the Wavescape is a solid choice for passionate wave enthusiasts seeking the ultimate wave riding experience.





The Loftsails Airscape is a versatile sail that combines explosive freestyle performance with easy freeride foiling. It is designed to be super light and stable, allowing riders to excel in both disciplines.

Equipped with a Dacron Luff Panel, the Airscape can quickly go neutral on demand, enabling riders to focus on their moves. It can be rapidly powered up again when needed.

All sizes of the Airscape feature a high clew eyelet position and require a short boom length, making it easier and quicker to duck.

The sail’s construction includes dual Dacron head panels, a 2 mil tri-axial upper body, and a triple-reinforced foot. This combination ensures the Airscape is ultra-light while being able to withstand the demands of radical freestyle moves.

The same qualities that make the Airscape an exceptional freestyle sail also translate into easy and stable freeride foiling performance. Its high aspect ratio balances the low-drag hydrofoil underneath.

The compact design of the Airscape complements the range of bigger sizes available in the Skyscape model, offering a complete lineup for a wide range of conditions and riding preferences.





Debuting in the year 2000, Oxygen has established itself as a proven and reliable freeride sail with a rich legacy.

As a true freeride sail, Oxygen is designed to simplify the sailing experience. It is easy to set up, accelerates quickly, and delivers impressive speed on the course. With the center of effort focused around the rider and smooth power delivery, once in motion, Oxygen naturally falls back into a committed stance.

However, behind its apparent ease of use lies a true freerace design that can rival the performance of dedicated cam-equipped sails.

The luff curves and leech of Oxygen are meticulously configured to provide a higher range of trim reactivity. This reactivity is key to the sail’s expanded performance, allowing it to deliver both low-wind slalom grunt and sleek performance in stronger winds.

To further enhance its upper-end potential, all Oxygens feature tubed batten systems typically found in competitive designs. Selected batten specifications have been revised to provide a more prominent foil-oriented drive.

The natural wind range of Oxygen is already wide, but it is further expanded with the inclusion of two clew eyelets. The upper eyelet above the cross batten powers up the sail for light wind conditions, while the lower eyelet below the cross batten allows for depowering in significantly stronger winds.

Oxygen doesn’t compromise on build quality. Just like its previous iterations, all sizes are available in two construction variants. The standard option features 3.5 mil exterior panels, a monofilm central window, and bi-ply upper body panels. The HD version takes it a step further with 3.5 mil exterior panels, a 4 mil xply central window, and 2 mil quad-axial upper body panels.





Very few sails can enjoy their pedigree for as long as the Loftsails Switchblade.

Adopting the performance-based Racingblade design into a more approachable freerace 3-cam profile, Switchblade is a fast-paced sail with relentless acceleration and a massive tunning range. Sail is equipped with tube batten systems that are usually reserved for competitive designs and enhance control and stability at an upper end.

The Switchblade range is available in two construction variants. A standard option comes built with 3.5 mil exterior panels, monofilm central window, and bi-ply upper body panels. The HD version utilizes the same 3.5 mil exterior panels but replaces monofilm and bi-ply pan to 4 mil xply central window and 2 mil quad-axial upper body panels.

Being the first sail in its class to be tested on RDM mast and receiving glowing reviews, all Switchblade sizes (up to 7.8) are supplied with both RDM and SMD TekCam II cams.

Designed with speed and longevity in mind, Switchblade is freerace engine that will continue to thrill through years of service.





Racingblade is Loftsails’ dedicated, no-compromise slalom racing design, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of competitive slalom racing.

The design of Racingblade has undergone continuous refinement since its inception in 2007, with the Loftsails testing team working tirelessly to perfect its performance.

The sail features an efficient and stable profile with a free-twisting leech and a low-drag wide mast pocket. To ensure an effective leading edge, the wide mast pocket requires firm tension. Racingblade tackles this challenge with a unique pocket construction. The webbing of the downhaul roller is attached not only to the main mast panel but to both mast pocket sides as well, equalizing the loading and resulting in a firm, clean, and easily rotating leading edge.

The upper part of the sail is slightly narrower. In combination with a tighter middle section of the leech, this creates a crisper and stiffer sail with a more direct feel. The adjusted luff curves and revised batten shapes optimize the forward-oriented profile, improving acceleration and facilitating smoother and quicker cam rotation.

In challenging conditions, every detail matters. Regular batten pockets can cause profile asymmetry, but Racingblade incorporates x-ply batten pockets to maintain profile stability through gusts and lulls on both sides.

Durability is a key feature of all Loftsails designs, and Racingblade is no exception. The construction includes x-ply panels for the central window, leech, and foot, along with bi-ply top panels that offer extreme UV resistance.

Even under massive loads and extensive wear and tear, Racingblade remains an uncompromising slalom design that delivers seasons of top-level performance.





Loftsails dominates the international Raceboard class with the invaluable input and expertise of top-flight competitors such as Joao Rodrigues, Patrik Pollak, and Curro Manchon. Their collaboration with Monty Spindler, Loftsails’ chief sail designer, ensures continuous development and improvement of their Raceboard designs.

With a team considered the strongest in the Raceboard class, they closely collaborate to refine and optimize Loftsails’ Raceboard sails.

The ULW sail is an evolution of the highly successful LW design, enhanced to excel in light wind conditions. Stability is achieved through a 5-batten (3-cam) frame, while the profile has been meticulously fine-tuned to enhance performance both upwind and downwind. Additionally, the ULW boasts improved pumping response.

When the wind picks up, the HW 9.5 sail truly shines. Taking inspiration from the light and durable LW variant, the panel layout has been optimized and the profile finely tuned for a 7-batten (3-cam) frame. The result is a sail that delivers impressive speed and stability in winds exceeding 16 knots.

The Raceboardblade 9.5, a 6-batten (3-cam) sail, offers tactical flexibility on the racecourse. Positioned between the ULW and HW sails, it is specifically designed for the middle wind range, providing optimal performance and versatility.

All these designs showcase exceptional trim sensitivity within their respective intended wind ranges, ensuring maximum performance and responsiveness.





Skyscape, the personal choice of Loftsails’ chief sail designer Monty Spindler, is a sail designed to provide versatility, lightness, and pure enjoyment in freefoil sailing.

With its high-aspect design, Skyscape perfectly balances the low drag of the hydrofoil. It features a shorter boom and no cams, allowing for effortless flipping during transitions without disrupting the board’s delicate trim.

The current range of Skyscape sails has been expanded with the addition of new sizes: 4.2 and 4.7. These sizes are shaped with a 5-batten profile, while the other sizes maintain their stable 6-batten layout. Selected battens in each size have been revised and fine-tuned to create a more forward-oriented profile.

Skyscape sails offer a wide range of trimming options thanks to their strong luff curve and finely-tuned horizontal shapes. The double clew eyelets provide additional versatility, allowing the selected size to continue performing when others may need to change their sails.

Moreover, if foiling becomes less exciting, Skyscape sails can still be highly effective with a fin setup.

Similar to other Loftsails designs, all sail sizes below 7.0 are compatible with both RDM and SDM masts.




The evolution of Loftsails’ competitive foil racing program has led to a complete redesign of the Skyblade for 2024.

Compared to fin setups, foils generate significantly less drag, requiring pilots to maintain speed and precision control during flight.

Crafted with a radically higher aspect ratio and a significantly wider mast pocket, the new Skyblade 2024 is faster, more balanced, and comfortable to fly when compared to its predecessors. Additionally, the sail features a lower foot and reduced vertical shapes, all of which contribute to enhanced aerodynamics and exceptional stability.

To ensure efficient airflow, cam sails with wide mast pockets require firm tension. Skyblade draws inspiration from the Racingblade slalom design and incorporates its unique mast pocket construction. The webbing of the downhaul roller is attached not only to the main mast panel but also to both sides of the mast pocket, evenly distributing the load and resulting in a firm, clean, and effortlessly rotating leading edge. Smooth cam rotation allows sailors to maintain focus during races and facilitates the delicate balance required during gybes and transitions.

The Skyblade doesn’t hold back on materials either. It features x-ply panels for the central window, leech, and foot, along with bi-ply top panels that offer exceptional UV resistance. These sails are built to withstand the rigors of both racing and everyday use.

The 3-layer mast pocket is crafted using a 2-mil quad axial x-ply. This lightweight material retains no folding memory, ensuring that the luff maintains its optimal condition over time. Furthermore, all camber inducers contact points are equipped with Metallic Cam Interfaces, safeguarding against material degradation as time passes.



Want to learn more? Check full details here: https://www.loftsails.com/


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