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Afraid of being lacerated on your leg by a fin or a foil? Then the team at Ironskinn may have a solution. They give us the lowdown on their innovative ‘Ocean Armour’.


You’re riding at twilight, sun just touching the horizon, foiling at 25 knots. An unexpected swell knocks you off, your legs harshly colliding with the foil. Floating in the water, you reach out for your board. A rough hide brushes against you in the water. A fin emerges above the waterline and circles back. You’re a mile offshore…however, you’re wearing Ironskinn ocean armour. Your legs are protected by a new specialized shark bite and foil resistant material.

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What is it?

Ironskinn is ocean armour that is tough, flexible, buoyant, tested to reduce or eliminate injury from shark bites, foil, and reef accidents. Ironskinn’s new surf trouser is the first soft garment ever to defeat puncture from Great Whites and Bull Sharks in testing. It is also highly resistant to puncture or cutting in the event of a foiling misadventure.

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It’s a non-thermal pant worn under trunks or over a wetsuit, utilizing an outer layer of elastic ENN Level 4 cut resistant material, which encloses 5 mm thick, soft armour panels underneath. These panels are comprised of high strength textiles 15 x stronger than steel by weight, and have been tested with savage bites from Great White sharks, and Bull sharks, by shark experts in New Zealand and the USA.


Ironskinn was founded by two ocean sports enthusiasts (windsurfing, spear fishing, surfing, bodyboarding, ocean swimming and scuba). As concerned parents (each family with respective sons who enjoy ocean sports), protection of loved ones is the company mission. The founders have researched shark bite resistant materials for over 10 years and Ironskinn has been manufacturing alloy plated shark resistant dive suits, trusted by some of the best divers in the world’s most dangerous oceans.

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In January 2023 Ironskinn released a totally new product, a surf armour trouser that is elastic and form fitting, thin, flexible, buoyant, and protective from shark bites, foil and reef injuries. Designed to not draw attention, the black trouser conceals the armour panel design. Specific configurations of materials provide excellent range of movement as well as protection from shark bites, foil and reef injuries.

The trousers are easy to put on and remove with long ankle zips, and an integrated waist belt and side clip (perfect for surfers so they can lay flat). The middle layer comprised by the 5 mm armour panels is super tough – 15 x stronger than steel by weight. Out of the water the dry weight is about 2.7 kg, but when you’re in the water they add buoyancy.


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They are not a replacement for a wetsuit so you can comfortably wear them under boardshorts in warm water or over a wetsuit in colder conditions. Sizing is similar to male trouser sizing: waist, and inseam. They are elastic so they will fit under boardshorts or over typical 3 mm wetsuits. Female sizes utilize a different pattern for a better fit.


The 5 mm thickness of the trouser adds a little bulk and weight, which is noticeable, however, the fabric is stretchy and highly flexible allowing for an excellent range of movement. In the event of a high-speed foil accident or an unwarranted shark attack, the trousers are designed and tested to maximize both protection and comfort. It is the only ocean sport garment in the world to defeat puncture/cutting from some of the world’s most dangerous sharks. This product gives confidence and peace of mind on the water for all types of water sports.



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