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The main Lyme Regis beaches, Town or Cobb beach on the inside of the protective harbour wall and Monmouth (Just south of the wall) allow sailing in winds from NE to E and SW. The town beach has groynes throughout its length, which can cause problems when launching at high tide. Monmouth Beach is rockier the further SW you go, a point worth noting when landing. When there’s more W you might be tempted to drive out of town to Charmouth which faces SSE. There’s a large car park close to the Heritage centre. It all looks perfect but the beach around here is notorious for cliff falls, wacky tides and rip currents that is really only suitable for people who know what they’re doing.

Getting there: A35 to Lyme Regis, then follow the signs

Parking: Payable parking

Ideal Wind: NE, E, SW

Accommodation: In town

Amenities: All amenities close to the beach at Cobb

Suitable for: Most abilities (See above)

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