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2022 PWA racing champion Maciek Rutkowski has joined NeilPryde for the 2024 season. Photos by Rafasoulart

Neilpryde Windsurfing and Maciek Rutkowski are proud to announce the collaboration between one of the fastest windsurfing brands in history and a PWA Slalom Champion.

Maciek: “I grew up idolizing the Neilpryde team, collecting VHS tapes and catalogues, I actually wanted to be a freestyler like Josh Stone or a wavesailor like Polakow, but being from Poland I had no choice but to go into racing… like Antoine! Or my now friend Wojtek Brzozowski who at the time just won a Formula World Title with the RS1. I won a Junior World Title in Formula with the first Ultra-Cam RS:Racing in 2007 and that made the dream even stronger. 17 years later I feel the same way – Neilpryde is the Ferrari of windsurfing and I feel super grateful and honored to join such an illustrious team. It goes without saying that the goal is to win together but I’m also ready to contribute in any way possible. Having spent a few days on the sails I’m as impressed and stoked as that kid back in the day and can’t wait to take them racing around the world! It’s gonna be a fun year!”

Neilpryde: “Maciek has shown his potential in many ways over the past few years. Since Covid he’s been one of the strongest and fastest racers out there, culminating in a World Title in 2022. Maciek’s energy and passion for the sport are unmatched which makes him an asset not only on the racecourse but also on the beach, promoting our sport with all his passion. His knowledge, experience and talent make him an incredible racer to add to our team. The Pole has been hard at work in Tenerife and we’re hearing he’s ready to challenge for the World Title once again. We can’t wait to see what he will be achieving on our gear. Welcome to the team Maciek!”

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