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St Michael’s Mount is probably the best-known landmark on the Cornish coast and it’s also the backdrop for excellent windsurfing. There are two venues based on car parks.

Station car park. This car park is usually the most popular. Here you’ll find sailing for all abilities, from beginners on long boards to mast high waves for experienced windsurfers. It works in just about any wind direction apart from NE and N and is best in W winds, which give cross-shore conditions. In SW or WSW expect high southerly swells. NW gives flat water and clean wind, ideal for blasting and slalom, although if there is any southerly swell you can get some great cross offshore riding that at times seems endless! In E and SE, the Mount throws a wind shadow so you would be better launching from Long Rock. The beach has a shore dump at high tide. It’s a gear trasher and you should wait until the tide drops below the steep shingle part of the beach.

Long Rock. If it’s too on shore at the Station House car park or there is a lot of east in the wind direction this will be the better bet. It’s more sheltered in fickle winds, bigger swells or close to high tide. There’s a rocky peninsula leading out to the prominent black mast in front of Long Rock, which is covered near high tide. If you’re not sure ask any of the locals sailing where the rocks are, head towards the Mount straight after launching.

Getting there: Follow the signs just outside Penzance on the A30

Parking: Pay and Display

Ideal Wind: Anything but NE or N

Accommodation: Plenty of B&B in Penzance

Amenities: Toilets, Cafe and Pub

Suitable for: Various, depends on conditions

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