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My Season this year started on the best way. Around the end of September 2017, after years of work and documents, I applied for my Australian Permanent visa, the That’s Surf West project was over after 2 years an half of shooting, travelling and editing , my mind was a bit more relax and ready for designed the best windsurfing season ever.

Without thinking to much, I jump on my van by myself and after 17 hours drive I discovered epic conditions for 10 days surfing and windsurfing in Gnaraloo. That place remind me every time why I decided to move in WA.

Just after my desert trip, everything was ready to jump into a flight with my girlfriend Elisa. Destination Maui Hawaii for the World Wide Premiere of That’s Surf Westand off course for the ITW Aloha Classic.

After 3 years out of the Hawaiian’s Islands it was good catch up with friends and riding Ho’okipa again.

That’s Surf West – The Movie: vimeo.com/245671477

Hawaiian video: vimeo.com/250219840

Back to Australia at the end of November . The season started epic with big waves and off shore wind during the day which usually  appear for the sunset session  only or from late January.

The windsurfing crew in Margs is not that big , so for me is quite usual find few hours per day just by myself in the water.

The Seabreaze start to blow everyday of the season from 12.30/1 pm , the side direction increase until 4 pm and then, when the sun start goes down, the wind slowly drop to almost disappear.

My day start at 5.30pm.

Everyday after work I’m at the car park rigging my Goya 4.2 and Quatro 71 lt.

For the locals it’s normal see me rigging up my small rig with no wind but for the tourists looks strange, in that moment is when the magic happen in Margs:

The wind increase again complete off shore, the waves starts to firing and I’m IN.

The sunset session in Margs is just EPIC almost everyday !

This year I was really focus for the Australian Contest in Margs the Windsurfign Margaret River Pro. After a bad start during the round 1 I was able to advance every heat till the big Final, happy with my 3rd place at the end of the event.

This is a recap of my season: Gnaraloo, Ho’okipa and Main Break

Thank you to my private Art Director Elisa Mariani for filiming few session,

Another big thanks to my sponsor

99% of my sessions was with 4.2 Goya Banzai, 71 lt Quatro

Note: the 100% of my session with 4.2 mt Goya Banzai from September till today at Gnaraloo WA, Ho’okipa  HI and Main Break WA was made with one and only 370 MAVERX MASTS MX100 which passed every single test of performance and breakage!
I can assure you that I’m doing a lot of wipe out !

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Federico Infantino

That’s Surf West

Elii Design

Camera: Elisa Mariani

Editing: Federico Infantino

Project: That’s Surf West

Presented by: Elii Design


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