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We hear from Malcolm Scott who tells us all about this years epic Mayo Mayhem event in Ireland.

Mayo Mayhem Ireland No 1 windsurfing wave competition was held on Achill
Island, Ireland at the end of September. The result of which also decided
the Irish windsurfing wave tile. This year’s event went off. It was held in
glorious condition for a windsurfing wave competition with keel beach
looking more like Hawaii as it was sunny all weekend with side shore winds
of about 20knots and good size waves of up to 3mtr. This was the 5th time
this event was run. Previously the competition has had two starboard and two
Port tack conditions, this year it was back to starboard tack. These
conditions allowed the competitors to show their wave riding skills and
super high jump and loops. In total there were 36 competitors across the Pro
and Amateur fleets. Two days of competition were run with points award each
day and then the points were combined to get an overall result. In the end
the Pro fleet win went to Alex Duggan with Julius Byrne in second and Nail
Mellon in third. In the Ams fleet Ross Gsamelov took the win from Bob Hagan
in second with Ant Byrne in third. Special praise to Amy O Donnell who was
the only female competitor to take on these fun but challenging conditions.

Photos By Marco Cavalleri & Eugene T Cunningham

Video Edit:  Malcolm Scott.

Camera: Poala Chianese & Michael McLister


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