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Oda, Maaike and Sarah Quita all planned their winter training in Brazil this year. They spent quite some time together sailing at Jeri and at the lagoons. After watching this funny video about a horse being the definition of overdramatic we quickly developed this joke that they shouldn’t be so dramatic.  On these little trips to the lagoon and when out of the water there was always a bit of drama going on.

Oda was sure she was almost attacked by a crocodile (There are only small fish in the lagoon), While camping in the dunes Sarah-Quita made up her boardbag bed as high as possible because she’s terrified of toads. And Maaike.. well actually Maaike is the least dramatic of them all. Until she gets on the water of course. She has the most exaggerated crashes and her dramatic moment was when she almost knocked herself out and had this huge bump develop on her forehead. Maaike is dramatically hardcore.

All drama on the beach aside, the girls have pushed each other hard on the water and produced this little #overdramatic freestyle clip featuring mad forwards, pushloops, kono’s skopu’s and more.

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Via Alex Mertens

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